The next EV battery breakthrough promises a million miles

A research report recently made and submitted by scientists at the Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada has a developed a new type of Li-ion EV battery, one that could potentially double or triple the mileage of the best electric car batteries in the world.

Tesla cars, which is perhaps the best known standard EV that is competing directly against traditional ICE cars, have an expected lifetime mileage of about 400,000 miles with their current batteries. This is not technically bad, given that such maximum mileage is equivalent to the same time period that people usually replace regular cars for. Better yet, Tesla has its own program to replace these batteries when it eventually gets there, so you essentially have an EV for life if taken care of properly.

However, this still does not seem enough, at least for the scientists who worked on the recent EV battery breakthrough. According to the research paper, the new lithium-ion battery has an improved lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide crystal structure, which, when specifically configured with artificial graphite, is capable of operating at extended charge cycles without the same rate of degradation as regular Li-ion batters.

The result is a new type of EV battery that can endure more than 4,000 charge cycles while only losing ten percent of its maximum capacity at the end of its service lifespan. The research technically calculates this as “more than one million”. However, this could potentially be extended further, as the battery is still pretty much operational at this presented point and level of theoretical integrity.

While this has obvious benefits to consumer-level vehicles such as personal cars and sedans, this mileage boost presents its biggest benefit for vehicles that are required to stay on the road pretty much all the time. Trucks most especially will benefit from this new battery type, and quite on time as well, as EV trucks are already well on their way to becoming a reality on the road within just the next few years.

To be fair, the research does admit that this achievement is simply a step into the bigger development of the entire EV industry. In fact, according to the very same researchers that worked on this new Li-ion battery cocktail, there is a very good possibility that Tesla is currently working on an EV battery that is very much capable of outperforming what they have already achieved.

If eventually revealed, this would just give further credence to the already increasingly popular opinion, that the era of the ICE car is now slowly coming to an end.

Featured Image credit by Mark Dixon via Flickr

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