Hyundai and Aptiv join forces to develop autonomous cars

Korean automotive giant Hyundai, in cooperation with autonomous driving technology firm Aptiv, plans to develop its own self-driving technologies that will be acceptable for various public transport systems in the future.

These technologies are slated to be certified under the Level 4 and Level 5 self-driving automation standards, the current highest and most sophisticated known automated driving standard accepted worldwide. Primarily, Hyundai will be basing this autonomous driving platform when implementing commercial-level systems for future carmakers focused on mass-producing public vehicles. The earliest launch date for the automated system is slated as early as 2022, but the company hopes to be able to test the technologies as early as next year.

Aptiv, for their part, will be running the partnership program, as they are the main specialist for the technologies to be developed. Resource wise, it is reported to be relatively integrated. The entire Aptiv team will be meshing their own default self-driving technology solutions to Hyundai team’s long-time automotive engineering skills, with the backing of the company’s huge R&D department.

Aptiv is a relatively long-time international automotive company that was founded in 1994. It has suffered from controversies and financial setbacks at the dawn of the 21st century, though the company has since then recovered. Within the last few years, the company started to branch out to the automotive industry’s latest technological frontiers, with driverless solutions being the core of its developmental research. At the moment, the company is best known commercially for its previous partnership with Lyft, with more or less the same objectives as Hyundai.

Both Hyundai and Aptiv are looking forward to this joint venture positively to scale up their global operations further. With Hyundai, the goal is to plant a major stake at one of the most important frontiers of automotive technology. For Aptiv, it is to gain commercial leverage from partnering with another long-time car manufacturing company.

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