Industry standards for 8K displays are now out

The Consumer Technology Association announced last week all the details that defined acceptable industry standards for future 8K screens and stand-alone displays. These standards are meant to serve as the bare minimum for any consumer tech company that plans to release its own lineup of 8K TVs and monitors starting next year.

First and foremost, a display or monitor is eligible for the 8K designation if it has at least a screen resolution of 7,680 x 4,320. This is the bare minimum for 8K. Display frequency support for 24, 30 and 60 FPS is also required, As for bit depth and input options, it must be 10-bit color capable, has basic HDR support, and must adhere to the HDCP 2.2 (or equivalent) content protection protocols.

Lastly, any display model that meets all of the aforementioned specifications will be granted use of the official “8K Ultra HD” logo. Effective starting January 1, 2020, the use of this logo will facilitate future promotion of the new display resolution, to perhaps eventually become the next standard after 4K. Of course, following it pixel-by-pixel depends on the type of display that technology companies will use for their 8K displays. Aspect ratio is pretty much still stuck to 16:9, however, unless the total area remains the same.

In comparison, 4K displays first got their specification standards in 2014, along with the “4K Ultra HD” promotion logo.

The necessity to exponentially increase screen resolution within a few years has certainly been put into question by tech consumers, most of which are probably still content in watching “classic” 1080p videos. 4K displays have certainly become a lot common now, and the resolution standard has long since been adopted by related organizations and websites such as YouTube. But not every household has a 4K display, nor is a necessity to have one even today.

So, as we officially enter the 8K realm next year, the question is still the same: would it be a technical necessity in the future? Will all these 16K screens teased this year become the standard five years later? We’ll just have to find out and see.

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