Samsung just admitted how fragile the Galaxy Fold really is

“The Galaxy Fold is a device like no other – and deserves a special level of care”

Samsung had just uploaded a short new video on its official YouTube channel that provides a few simple instructions, as well as a warning, on how to take care of purchased Galaxy Fold units. Which is odd, considering such advertisement would never usually be done on any phone, unless it is an attempt to stop an impending consumer catastrophe.

The Galaxy Fold, as everyone pretty much already knows, is a smartphone that attempts to reach what is thought to be the next boundary of mobile device technology — foldability. Samsung, along with a couple of other major competitors such as Huawei has introduced and launched their flagship phones that have made the first steps towards this new flexible frontier.

Unfortunately, given how relatively new and experimental the idea is, there is currently a significant gap between the novel idea of being able to extend your phone screen, and necessity of doing so. Worse, it would seem that during various tests, as well as during basic use of these new units, several concerns arose, particularly towards the long-term durability of the foldable screens in question.

Samsung, perhaps in an effort to alleviate these concerns, have uploaded the instruction-filled video to YouTube. Unfortunately, the very existence of this video itself kind of confirmed the experienced problems, and that the Galaxy Fold might not actually be worth what the early adopters had paid for.

Let’s a take a short look at each of the instructions indicated in the video:

  • Just use a light touch – there have been several anecdotal reports of Galaxy Fold units easily getting scratched by almost anything, even just by the fingernails of the user. This one is pretty much straightforward.
  • Keep free of water and dust – this is directed towards the complex mechanism that allows the Galaxy Fold to open and close with minimal risk of eventual damage. Knowing that it can’t easily be exposed to the most common of air particulates, we can definitely confirm that anti-exposure protection is a low priority for the Galaxy Fold.
  • Be mindful of objects that may be affected – referring to the magnet that locks the unit in place when closed. A warning like this points to the magnetic field strength of the locking magnets, which could attract objects that can damage the unit, or directly damage other objects sensitive to magnetic fields.

With a single Galaxy Fold unit being sold at almost $2,000, it is quite outrageous that such a device could be so potentially fragile. That is even if we are to understand that it is technically still in its consumer-level experimental phase.

To be fair, Samsung, on their part, had at least some effort in making the problems of this nex-gen phone less apparent. The updated version of the Galaxy Fold tries to mitigate some of these issues by redesigning a few screen and bezel elements, to make accidents far less likely to happen. Still, being that this very video has just been uploaded yesterday means that the issues are still there, and are simply conveniently hidden under a smaller, but still relatively large, probability of occurrence.

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