Volkswagen ID.3 full EV almost ready to roll into production

Volkswagen seems to be upping the ante a bit as it rolls along with the slew of different full electric vehicles from different auto-manufacturers that are to be unveiled this year’s Fall. From concept to full-production, the ID.3 finally reveals its specs and packages.

The ID.3 will be available in three primary range tiers. The basic, short-range one will go at 330 km, the mid-range at 420 km, and top, long-range one will come at a maximum of 550 km. No other vehicle-centered specs revealed at the moment. However, Volkswagen did announce that the ID.3 will be compatible with a 100 kW charger, putting it at an advertised charge rate of 30 minutes from zero to 180 km. The battery pack is also rated to drive for 160,000 km during its entire life span, which, according to the company, is almost around one decade.

Introductory price of the ID.3 puts it €30,000, which is equivalent to $33,000.Not exactly a bad price from the category of EVs that it is trying to push itself into. The form factor is also notably at the middle ground as well, making it look less like a buggy car, and without the larger, gaudier contours of other competing EVs.

Volkswagen is giving rewards to first adopting consumers to the ID.3. Those who will provide an early €1,000 deposit will receive special color variants, two-tone paint jobs, and a package deal of whatever other smaller options the customer chooses. Those who get the very first production line ID.3 1st’s will receive 2,000-kilowatt hours worth of charging. Which is perhaps enough for the first month or two of frequent, but not intensive, use.

ID.3 production is slated to start at the end of this year, so we can expect it to become commercially available sometime late-2020 or 2021. Preorders for the EV are now currently open. However, there is no word if it will officially make its debut in other countries at the same time as its European release.

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