Vivaldi browser coming soon to Android

Vivaldi browser as of today officially rolls out its beta version for Android devices. It will be featuring an even more simplified, but streamlined version, of its already visually-optimized web browsing experience.

The browser, for those not familiar with it yet, was designed by former Opera browser designers, and was first rolled out in 2015. The main feature of Vivaldi that differentiates it from other standard browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, is that it is highly customizable. Like, every bit of visual element and data source can be tweaked to provide a “custom browsing experience” for each user.

Those very elements of personal customizability, are now heading over to Android. At least, in its beta version at the moment. Layout wise, it’s pretty much the same. But of course, being that it is on a mobile OS environment, the first order of business is quick access.

This is where its Speed Dials feature comes in, which is its own form of launch icons. It is visually represented by neatly arranged buttons that provide shortcuts to tabs and bookmarks. The difference though is that the Speed Dials themselves can be separated into tabs, making your browser more akin to a folder management app visually.

If you have a logged account to Vivaldi, it would, of course, be able to sync with your saved preferences. For example, if you have bookmarks on your desktop version that you need to quickly access on your phone. This even includes input history, as it will also autofill text data, and be able to save a couple of your most-used passwords from most frequented websites.

Understandably, not all features on the desktop version will be available to its Android version. Can you imagine just how would stacking tabs inside one another work on a mobile browser? Good luck on precisely pinching each one of them.

Curious enough to see what Vivaldi on Android is all about? Check the beta version here.

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