Tesla pickup truck sneak peek pushed (again) this November

Elon Musk had just officially tweeted a detail that reveals that the announcement for the upcoming new Tesla pickup truck might be pushed back two months more until November.

One resident of Twitter inquired last Saturday if there would be any unveiling event for the Tesla pickup truck as early as October. Elon Musk, in a very succinct manner, simply replied:

This will be the second time that the predicted announcement event has been pushed, ever since Elon Musk himself has corrected and re-addressed the question a few more times over the course of a few months.

Optimistically, many people have been looking forward to seeing the elusive electric pickup truck as early as June or July as per the official public statements. However, this was pushed back to October, and now with another person pestering with inquiring the question yet again, it seems that the schedule is going farther and farther behind.

As for the Tesla pickup truck itself, the announcement of its development brought hype last 2017, when Tesla was already stepping further and further into bigger types of electric vehicles. This was further fueled by the descriptions frequently stated by Musk about it, which generally boils down to being “super futuristic” looking. Even more, a brief teaser image was posted on Twitter last May that shows a tiny flash of a portion of the pickup truck.

Though, if we are going to be honest, Tesla’s pickup truck might not be able to sell well as the older Tesla vehicles, which practically had no other competitor within their size categories for a significant amount of time. Automotive industry veteran Ford for example, already has its F-150 full EV pickup in the works, and could start selling it as early as the next two years or so.

If the hype and general interest for the vehicle is to be maintained, it’d probably be best that Tesla keeps Elon Musk’s November prediction accurate. That, or actually get it around the already updated earlier prediction of October. Whichever of the two.

Featured Image credit by Elon Musk via Twitter

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