Spotify now allows music and podcast sharing to Snapchat

Spotify had just announced a new feature that will allow its users to share music and podcasts via Snapchat. If a device has both Spotify and Snapchat installed, it can seamlessly integrate with one another to provide this feature.

In addition, according to the official announcement, sharing favorites (tracks, playlists, albums, artists) will now be as simple as tapping the Share menu, and selecting all that you need from there. The album art will appear as the main image, while all the other album-related data will be sent via its associated context card.

Of course, going vice-versa is also completely possible, so long as all the needed information and data are available to the shared Snap. Just swipe up to the Snap you want to “listen” to, then choose the appropriate context card. Spotify will be able to check all the data and then provide direct access to all the tunes on the particular Snap.

Keep in mind that, either way, you always have the option to send it to a group of friends immediately. This may or may not be a good thing based on the track, album, or playlist you’d want to send.

While this may be important headlines for casual Spotify listeners and Snapchat posters, the fact that other similar apps already provide the same feature kind of makes one wonder as to how long it took Spotify to realize whether this will be part of some further integrated feature. Instagram and WhatsApp users probably won’t be so thrilled to see it though.

Still, any update’s welcome that can make sharing on any media platform a lot more convenient. Spotify might really need to step up the game, however, because other more advanced, and bigger players, like one certain biggest social media website on the planet, might just be on the horizon to snatch away the media sharing meta.

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