Porsche enters the EV arena with its new full-electric car

Porsche, at a live event last week, finally unveiled its upcoming full-electric car, the Mission-E, at its final production phase. While it definitely does look like a promising competitor in the EV market, it won’t exactly come cheap.

The Porsche Taycan, as it is now officially named, was first introduced as a concept vehicle last 2015. No specs were unveiled at that time, but the announcement of its development was monumental because it was the very first full-electric vehicle that Porsche has ever conceptualized.

So far, the EV is announced to be available in two models. The Turbo model will be the default one, having a power of 670 HP and a driving range of about 380-450 km. The Turbo S will bump its power slightly, at 750 HP, but at the cost of consuming more power, reducing its range a bit, which will be at 380-410 km. As for charging, the Taycan reportedly will be able to charge from five to 80 percent in just 22 minutes (using a 270 kW charger).

Compared to the latest Tesla full EVs, the Taycan does seem to be quite on par, with a matching sleek-but-minimal design to boot. For comparison, the Tesla Model S P100D has officially rated power at 760 HP, a driving range of 550-610 km, and takes 40 minutes to charge from zero to 80 percent on a Tesla Supercharger (150 kW).

One nifty design feature of the Taycan, is that the entire dashboard basically integrates a screen onto it. This is quite unlike Tesla EVs that usually have two separate screens — one a traditional tablet stuck at the center, and another replacing the old meters and gauges. The announcer at the event specifically mentioned that its operating system will be specifically tailored for the Taycan itself, which, when its full dashboard screen is considered, is expected to provide a lot of convenient information-based features.

Pre-orders for Porsche’s upcoming full EV has now officially went over 20,000. This sets up the hype for the newest full-EV competitor on the block. The problem? It currently sits at $150,000 for the Turbo and $185,000 for the Turbo S. Even with all of the other optional features included and installed on a Tesla, the highest price for its latest Model S still sits at “just” around $100,000.

Nonetheless, the company does seem to have absolute faith in its brand, as they expectedly should, evidently shown by the number of pre-orders made just within the last few days.

Oh and, no announcements of any Autopilot driver-assist system for the Taycan at the moment, so there’s also that.

Take a peek at the Porsche Taycan’s world premiere here:

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