Mid-tier, entry-level 5G devices coming soon, says Qualcomm

Qualcomm officially announces its plans to finally integrate 5G technologies for its next line of Snapdragon 6-, 7-, and 8-series chipsets built for all types of mobile devices. This move will finally pave way open the entire mobile industry, and not just the top-tier brands, to changing improvements in telecommunications and networking expected for the 5G protocol for the next few decades.

Because Qualcomm announced an entire set of different processors built for 5G, it won’t just be the latest smartphones who can access the light speed highway — in the next few years just about any mobile device that can be compatible with the new processors can benefit from the super-fast and hyper-efficient data transfer speeds that 5G will bring for future networks.

Of course, there is a definite emphasis on introducing the latest flagship phones on many different tier smartphones that would carry the technology forward. To this end, you can expect twelve of the leading smartphone OEM brands, HMD Global, OPPO, Redmi, and Vivo, to name a few, to also use these newer 5G processors.

5G has for the longest time, been touted as the next-generation networking protocol built to leave older 4G and LTE networks to dust. For one thing, it has an expected data speed efficiency that is about twenty times better than today’s fastest and most stable networks in the world. It is also designed to primarily tap into radio and microwave frequencies that are yet to be used, making the maximum bandwidth several magnitudes larger than current data transfer capacities can provide.

Top-tier models such as Samsung Galaxy S10 (5G), Huwaei Mate X, and Moto Z3 may have broken into 5G territory this year. But, with Qualcomm’s latest announcement, it would very soon be the mid-tier and entry-level smartphones’ turn to make 5G available to almost everyone.

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