Microsoft’s To Do app finally gets much-needed redesign

Microsoft, after quite a long time of keeping Wunderlist and To Do apps separately, has at long last made the big leap to redesign and optimize To Do in order to use all features previously available on Wunderlist.

The redesign mainly features an updated, more rounded up and clean UI. It will also have several added customization options that mainly focuses on layout and accessibility such as list arrangements. The daily planner, for example, functions very much like the old smart lists of Wunderlist.

However, due to the updated UI, the original headers are to be phased out. The visual overhaul will be in favor of adopting more traditional background images and color templates. Oh, and Dark mode is now a thing for To Do.

For those who have been using Wunderlist until this update, don’t worry. Microsoft made sure that transferring over to To Do is as easy as pressing a button. Like, literally. Just tap/click on Import, then sign in on your preferred login method. Everything, including all applicable preferences, pre-sets, and other settings, will be transferred over your new activity abode in To Do.

Microsoft is still currently making final adjustments even after all these updates are rolled out. If you’re using To Do, be sure to leave any feedback about your experience with it as necessary

With all the basic features of Wunderlist now on To Do, Wunderlist is essentially heading its way towards Microsoft’s intended plan to scrap the app altogether. Its original CEO (before it was purchased) has since then offered to buy the app again before it shuts down, but so far Microsft doesn’t seem to be interested in even negotiating.

But hey, at the very least Wunderlist, or at least its iconic tower image, will still remain in our hearts as a To Do background theme.

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