Google Pixel 4 leaked teaser video reveals brand new features

Spanish Android information hub ProAndroid has leaked a new promo video for the upcoming Google Pixel 4. The new features seem to suggest gesture access, and nighttime camera upgrades that lead to an astrophotography mode?

There have been quite a lot of information that has been leaked so far with the Google Pixel 4 already. Most are circumstantially confirmed, others remain rumors. But as the ProAndroid has stated, official reveals such as the leaked teaser is one way to definitively confirm any new information about the upcoming product.

Now for the trailer. The first part shows what clearly is a gesture type feature, swiping just in front of the phone to change the track of a music player. The next one shows what seems to be seamless accessibility updates to Google Assistant, like how the user was able to go from doing a search query (of sushi images) straight to sending the image, all without the need to tap the screen once. Then, some feature to be able to take pictures better in the dark is shown.

Lastly, and probably the most intriguing of them all, is the feature to take pictures of stars. The context of the teaser did not really seem to suggest a specific astrophotography option. Rather, it may have simply emphasized the dark-environment photo-taking capability of the phone. In a sense, “it takes pictures in dark areas so well, that you can even take pictures of stars at night.

Indeed, if confirmed to be exactly that way, it would still be quite an amazing feature, practicality be damned. Think of all the long exposure, astronomy based stuff we can do with a Google Pixel 4!

In any case, even if that specific teaser wasn’t leaked, the Google Pixel 4 is still slated to have its official introduction this coming October. So stay tuned!

Featured Image Credit by ProAndroid

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