Drivetime secures $11 million to make voice-based in-car games

Hands-free game developer Drivetime had just raised $11 million to further develop new audio-based titles that players can interact purely by sound. Makers Fund was the lead in this funding, supported closely by Amazons Alexa Fund and Google Assistant Investments Program.

Drivetime may not be a household name in the gaming community, and may not even be a wide-known name in the automotive industry. However, the company specializes in the development of interactive adventures using smartphones, but not using any of your fingers.

Using current-generation speech-recognition technology, the company has developed several titles that you only ever need to play with audio. There are several trivia games on the list, but none is perhaps more known than Jeopardy. Yes, there is a version of Jeopardy, where the intended gameplay is talking to a phone (without looking!) while driving. Paying up $10 per month may feel a bit stiff for a game you can’t even see. But we guess that the uniqueness of the concept, as well as the supposed “alertness safety” it provides, could make up for this rather steep gaming fee.

Now the benefits of not having to touch your phone, or even look at it while driving are pretty obvious. That is the intended market of Drivetime after all. Which is why it is very peculiar that Amazon and Google (who both happen to have their own assistant type devices out there in the tech market) are the main backers of the secured funding. Makers Fund’s involvement seems to be a no brainer as well, being that its specialty is interactive entertainment.

As for the direction that the company will go with the new funding, perhaps a new audio interactive game is in the works. Or perhaps, a simple update and upgrade of all of its previous titles. Either way, it is heading forward into the direction of a completely different niche in all fields that it is involved in — simply by the mere fact that speech-recognition technology is still moving forward even with its advancements today.

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