Cisco and Honeywell join forces to further finance Theatro

Dallas-based SaaS company Theatro is set for a major financial boost starting this month, as it had just secured funding from Cisco Investments and Honewell Ventures to scale up its workforce-oriented app business, and most importantly its speech recognition-based virtual assistant platform.

Specifically, with the strategic investment boost, Theatro is now poised to push further into the virtual office sector. Expansion of solutions via service contributions from the funding companies is the first step, followed by upgrading already available services. The company also plans to use the acquired funding to further expand geographically, hopefully increasing its overall user base from localized business centers.

Theatro, by itself, is already powered by its Intelligent Assistant platform. This is a software service that allows core access to business systems integrated via voice recognition. In addition, communication with each separate division of a business or company is also facilitated by its intuitive VoIP setup.

As for the two major investors for this venture, both would simply continue with the objectives that align perfectly with Theatro’s place in the VoIP and IT industry. With Cisco, the partnership would essentially be continuing its mission in accordance with its Cognitive Collaboration initiative, which aims to optimize business interoperability and transform workforces into the updated IT era. Honeywell, for its part, would go on to continue its current efforts to improve the usable efficiency of IoT-generated user data.

Theatro was founded in 2011, with the objective to break into SaaS market with its own suite of “hardware-enabled” IoT, AI, and workforce-optimized apps. Later on, the company developed the aforementioned Intelligent Assistant system, which enabled the company to further solidify its position in the industry.

All involved parties believe that the integration of Theatro’s speech-recognition system could potentially provide a tremendous boost to the already existing suite of online-based technologies of both companies. Technologies that, by themselves, are already directly related to the default services Theatro can provide.

If anything, at least based on what Theatro can offer, business operations for end users can be a lot more seamless, by using what perhaps is the most intuitive form of information exchange for us humans.

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