Gmail can now warn users if your recipient is unavailable

Google now gives vacationers and holiday goers out there a professional sigh of relief, as it rolls out its newest feature in Gmail that will actively warn people sending you a message if you are technically unavailable.

Enterprise and professional users of Gmail business suite will now have an option in their Gmail and Hangouts chat system to place a yellow warning banner at the bottom of the recipient’s message that would state your unavailability for that moment a user is composing the message. The feature will state that you are “Out of Office”, and will provide information based on your input (or your calender) of when you will resume availability.

Google has hinted at its official blog update for the feature that ” your time out of office is visible in more places across G Suite “. This kind of hints at its central integration with the entirety of all available major Gmail-related apps. Which is handy, because it would most likely still be technically less of use if your workmate somehow circumvents the warning by simply updating any of your shared documentation.

Also, we have to remember that this is a feature that sends a warning to the sender of the message. Which means that the sender is pretty much still free to send the message if he or she really wants to (in the event of some considerable urgency for example), with or without the yellow banner warning.

Still, this feature is pretty convenient if you don’t want to be swamped with work messages during your supposed time for recharging and relaxation. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse that could ruin your holiday than a party pooper message saying that there’s some sort of issue you need to attend to back in your office.

Again do take note that this feature is currently exclusive to G suite. So in case you are using a casual Gmail account for your everyday business, you won’t be able to give the yellow card to your fellow office people.

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