BTC exchange, BitPay, blocks Amazon fire donations

Bitcoin exchange company, BitPay, caught Twitter fire presumably as large as the Amazon rainforest fire after the platform has rejected a $100,000 donation to the efforts to suppress the massive rainforest fire citing that the contribution was “too big” to be processed.

In the midst of the fire that has engulfed millions of hectares of the Amazon rainforest, Amazon Watch, an organization that protects the ecology and indigenous people in the area, posted a tweet saying that controversial bitcoin exchange BitPay blocked a supposed donation to the efforts to stop the massive wildfire in the forest.

@BitPay @BitPaySupport a donor, no doubt upset about horrific #AmazonFires tried to donate $100,000 to our account today, and it was rejected as too high. We want to reach out to this person to resolve this issue but have no way to do so. We need your help ASAP. Thank you,” reads the tweet from Amazon Watch.

Officials of the Amazon Watch said that they tried contacting BitPay, but to no avail, hence, they decided to take their complaint to Twitter, which they immediately got word from the official twitter account of the company.

“Hi! We will escalate this issue ASAP to see if the donor can be contacted,” BitPay replied to Amazon Watch.

BitPay advised the organization to change the volume of money they will accept through their account Dashboard, however, the organization said that they have already done the measures suggested by the Twitter account and nothing has happened either.

Amazon Watch told BitPay that after they accomplished the steps to increase the amount in their dashboard, they were told to submit email compliance instead.

“Yes, we tried to increase the volume but can’t do it through the dashboard and were told we needed to email compliance,” they told BitPay.

The reason the blocking of the donation that was supposed to help the organization in funding the fire control operation in the burning Amazon forest was that Amazon watch had set their maximum payment limit at less than $100,000. Meaning, all transfers with more than the said amount will be flagged by the platform. After BitPay advised staff to change it, however, they said that doing so was impossible automatically and that they must submit separate documentation.

The recent PR crossfire between Amazon Watch and BitPay is yet another chip to the already tainted reputation of the cryptocurrency exchange company. Because of what happened, the company came under fire (no pun intended) on Twitter from users saying that Amazon watch should use a different exchange for donations instead.

“Why BitPay for Bitcoin donations? If you respect your donors, then switch to @BtcpayServer,” said Alex Kaul, who offered steps to Amazon Watch on how they can leverage the open-source bitcoin exchange platform.

BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor, unlike BitPay which is a company that charges fees to process bitcoin transactions. The open-source bitcoin payment processor “relies on a network of diverse contributors and users to provide support for numerous use-cases.”

While Amazon watch was more than welcome to consider the new payment processing alternative and asked Kaul to send them more details on the service, they said that it probably would take the time to respond as their hands are full considering that the Amazon fire crisis is still unresolved.

“Send us info (, and we’ll be happy to consider – though we may need a few days to respond because we’re inundated with this #AmazonFires crisis,” Amazon watch said.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been advising the organization not to trust the “scammy company” that has a “very bad reputation in the bitcoin community.”

Another user said that BitPay only takes a cut from Amazon Watch’s donation and then offer them with bad service. The user advised the organization to ditch the company altogether.

“Ditch @BitPay as others have said. They just take a cut of your donations and offer terrible service in return. I’m sure there are plenty of us that will offer our services for free to help you set up @BtcpayServer and let you keep 100% of what’s donated,” Dale Bewan (@DaleBewan) said on Twitter.

Bitcoin enthusiasts and engineers have stormed the post of Amazon watch to collectively advise the organization to use BTCPay Server instead of BitPay.

“BitPay is a scam,” another said.

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