Cloud app giant VMware acquires Pivotal and Carbon Black for $5 billion

VMware has just revealed via official documentation the finalization of its proceedings to acquire both Pivotal Sofware and Carbon Black, for $2.7 billion and $2.1 billion respectively.

The primary reason stated by the documentation for the acquisition of these companies was because “these companies address key strategic IT priorities”. It then elaborated on the importance of developing modern apps with a particular focus on keeping the integrity of its designated workloads and level of service for its clients.

Indeed, both Pivotal Software and Carbon Black currently hold their ground within the B2B sector with their cloud-optimized services. One company providing a working business platform, while the other takes end-point security as its central priority. Their services, as VMware directly addresses it, are very important applications that are directly touched upon by the company’s current business-oriented technologies (cloud-based computing, office virtualization, etc.).

VMware also states that while the acquisition will help further streamline and expand its SaaS options, it will also greatly help its current customer base. The modernizing efforts of finally going completely digital will be somehow eased, allowing users to eventually adapt easily.

Pivotal Software was first founded after it initially split off from EMC Corporation (which owns VMware) in 2012. A $105 million funding roundup then proceeded in 2013, at a point where it started to develop its own software services. As of late 2018, the company launched the Pivotal Act, a program designed to aid NGOs and other charitable organizations in solving humanitarian problems around the world.

Carbon Black Inc. is a cybersecurity company founded initially in 2002 under the name Bit9. The endpoint security software developer enjoyed a relatively decade long period of development and continued business operations. That is until February 2013, when Bit9, quite ironically, was subjected under a high-level security breach incident involving the use of stolen legitimate accounts to download malware into the company’s central system. Prior to its acquisition by VMware, Carbon Black had acquired antivirus service provider Confer for an undisclosed sum.

With the acquisition of Pivotal and Carbon Black, VMware now plans to position itself firmly yet again into the frontiers of multi-cloud modern app development and distribution. The company, based on the announcements and documentation at least, seems confident in delivering its combined development efforts with the upgrades both companies will foreseeably provide.

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