Roll out for redesigned Google Play Store starts

Google announced that it has completed a visual redesign of its Play Store. In its commitment to improving the overall experience of its over two billion monthly users, Google has revamped the user interface of the Play Store. The tech giant has started rolling out the newest version of the Play Store to Android users around the world.

A couple of months ago, the Play Store’s makeover was leaked. According to leaked images, there were sightings of a Material redesign which included changes to icons and the use of the Google Sans font.

There are several notable changes to the latest version of Play Store that should be highlighted. One of the major changes made was the realignment of its looks with Google’s Material language.

As Google is set to give its services and apps a more unified design, the Google Play Store now has a more streamlined look. With white as its baseline background color, the Play Store has a cleaner and brighter layout. This look is now similar to the Google homepage.

The main headings — featuring the category names — have bold colors. This makes it easier for the users to see which category they are currently looking at. Gone are the square corners and colored headers that were in the old Play Store design. The apps are also no longer bunched together in boxes.

As of this roll-out, users only have this brighter version of the Google Play Store. A darker version of this more streamlined design is expected to appear when the Android Q is released in a couple of weeks.

If the user is looking for the Play Store’s main navigation, it can now be found at the bottom of the screen. This is reminiscent of the iOS Apple Store. At the bottom, the user would be able to see four main categories -— Apps, Games, Movies & TV, and Books.

Users would be able to see the personalized “For You” and other sections like Top Charts within the existing Apps and Games tabs. The section found on the second-level navigation bar of the old Play Store homepage can also be found here

In the new Play Store, there is no longer a tab for Music. In April 2019, it was announced that Google Play Artist Hub would be closing. In a notice sent to artists subscribed to the service, there was a mention of Google Play Music being removed. It would be replaced with YouTube Music.

The removal of the Music tab from the latest Play Store is an indication of the changes that Google is making. However, details or information regarding the closure of Google Play Music has not been released yet. During the future migration, music purchased via the Play Store will be migrated to YouTube Music

Another visual change that Google has done to the Play Store is with its new icon system. It has now adopted a more uniform look. The new icons now have a more rounded square shape. The more uniformed look is said to be more visually appealing to users. This design change would probably remind users of Apple and its standardized app icons.

The newest version of the Google Play Store has also been designed to support gesture controls. This makes it easier for the user to navigate the new interface. This option is most likely inspired by Apple’s iOS.

Google’s redesign of the Play Store also focused on coming up with a dual-pane tablet user interface. Over the years, Google has not much-paid attention to UIs made for Android tablets. However, as more users start using devices with bigger displays, it would only make sense to design the Play Store to fit a larger UI.

Apart from the Play Store design overhaul, expect the launching of more redesigned apps from Google over the next couple of weeks. This is in anticipation of the release of Android Q which is expected to drop anytime soon.

The highly anticipated Android Q is rumored to have a variety of new features including Dark Mode. The current push by Google to make all interfaces and apps to be designed based on the monochromatic and white look that it has adopted is seen as a gateway to bringing the dark mode theme easier to all devices in the future.

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