Synology MR2200ac router helps parents control kids’ internet usage

As the market for the Internet of Things (IoT ) becomes bigger year after year, the demand for faster internet connection increases with consumers clamoring for seamless internet capabilities and stable Wi-Fi systems. This is evident in the continued growth of mobile networks which started from 3G and now is becoming more powerful with the introduction of 5G internet.

One thing that consumer fails to understand that internet power does not only come from how fast the current internet topography is — it is also affected by the hardware used to transmit data through the wireless network. Routers make adaptable cross-network communication conceivable, and enable bigger systems to stay operational, notwithstanding during updates or blackouts. They can likewise assume significant optional roles on a system, with many other devices like firewalls, modems, and switches to product flexible all-in-one networking solutions.

With a highly competitive market for routers and internet hardware, Synology, a tech company founded in 2000, promises benchmark performance with its new Synology Mesh Router MR2200ac that comes with “intelligent mesh Wi-Fi capability and best-in-class parental controls” that can be accessed through a mobile app to provide users with more control and tracking capabilities for their internet usage.

Synology said that they have been in the business for almost 20 years and have had more than six million installations, hundreds of channel partners, and six branches across the globe.

“Trusted by some of the best and brightest minds in the IT industry with more than six million installations, Synology is committed to transforming the way businesses manage their data – elegantly simple, secure, and reliable. We proudly boast a wide array of solutions backed by cutting-edge innovation and field-proven reliability with a solid track record in meeting the ever-increasing expectations and demands,” reads the company’s website.

One of the most exciting features with the Synology Mesh Router MR2200ac is that a user can use multiple routers around their homes in order to maximize the connectivity in whichever part of the house they are. Users can use various routers to build an effective Wi-Fi system for everyone connected to the network to enjoy seamless connectivity.

The system built out of multiple MR2200ac routers uses an extra 5 GHz band for high-bandwidth communication between each other to ensure a maximized throughput for all connected devices and gadgets. It also steers a device back and forth from 2.4GHz to 5GHz to make sure that related gadgets can get the strongest signal and internet speed.

Synology prides its routers to have been artificially intelligent trained that “self-configures, self-optimizes, and even self-heals.” With high-level AI training that automatically selects the best topology and self-configuration, allowing users with a little-to-no tech background to set up the system, MR2200ac seems to be the router to beat.

It’s also noteworthy that the router also gives users the option to establish a guest network so users can share their Wi-Fi connection at home without risking being too open for threat actors to penetrate their home systems.

Another exciting feature fo the MR2200ac router is its option for parents to control the internet usage of their children through having user profiles with different levels of authorization, similar to how Netflix also has an option only to allow children to access kid-friendly shows through a dedicated profile.

The router also allows parents to set time limits and internet usage schedule for their children as well as content filtering, disabling children from accessing adult-only content and search results. A white list can be set up by parents so that their children can only visit webpages that they consent their kids to visit.

On top of these, parents will also be able to gain insight on the internet usage of their children, which helps them with their parenting decisions.

Aside from protecting people who are using the Wi-Fi network at home, Synology’s router also protects smart things from threat actors, malware, and other bugs. “MR2200ac installs multiple layers of protection to shield your network against cyberattacks happening every day,” reads the product description on the company’s website.

All of these functionalities can be accessed through a mobile app that is downloadable for both iOS and Android phones, giving users the option to fully control their internet usage even when they are away from home. The Synology MR2200ac can be bought across the world from different partners in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania.

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