Complaints hurled at Telus after email services went down for 3 days

Customers of the Canadian tech company and email service provider, Telus, have been complaining after the company has experienced a three-day email outage which left their customers unable to access their email accounts. They noticed no open rate among all their customers.

Amidst the company’s reassurance that they have been working to resolve the matter and have their customers access their email accounts soon, complaints still pour on the company’s reporting page as well as mentions to their twitter accounts from frustrated customers are also innumerable.

On Thursday, Telus announced that some of their customers who are using the Telus.Net email accounts are unable to get in. The outage had been taking place since the morning — the company tweeted about it just after 5 p.m. PT.

“Some customers are unable to access their email. We are working extremely hard to resolve the issue ASAP. We know how important email is for our customers and are sorry for the inconvenience,” Telus’ support Twitter account posted.

In another Tweet, the company also said that email services would resume the next day. “Some customers are unable to access email svcs due to hardware issues at a TELUS facility, which our technicians are working very hard to resolve. We anticipate full restoration by the AM though some may be restored sooner,” they said in another tweet.

Needless to say, the email service interruption continued until today and users have been left with a big question mark on what happened to the email service that has been going in. One Twitter user said that Thursday’s interruption is the second for the week.

In an updated statement, the company told users that the outage was caused by a hardware malfunction in one of its facilities and again promised that the service would go back to normal “the next morning.”

In a statement, the Telus management has said that they are working very hard to restore services immediately and their engineers are working tirelessly to expedite the process.

“This is a fluid situation, and we are doing everything we can to stabilize all servers as we bring our final customers back online,” said Tony Geheran, Telus’ chief customer officer.

“Unfortunately, the issues with the remaining servers are very complex, which is why this is taking much longer than we would like. We know that our customers are frustrated, and we are incredibly sorry.”

Geheran also said that they have also been sending SMS text messages to their affected users to apologize for what happened personally.

“We want to reiterate that we take this issue extremely seriously, which is why today, we reached out to customers who are still without email service with an SMS text message to apologize directly.”

Come Friday, Telus announced that most of their customers could already access their email accounts. However, after a few hours of work, reports of another outage was also made after email services once again shut down around 9 a.m.

Telus issued another statement on Twitter at around 4:45 p.m., saying that “more than 90 percent of customers are now able to access their email.”

“More than 90% of customers are now able to access their  email. Technicians continue to work around the clock to troubleshoot a few servers that are affecting less than 10% of customers. We are very sorry and will keep you posted,” they said in a tweet.

Nonetheless, the lack of transparency on what happened bugs several customers. Many have been asking for what exactly happened to their email service, but Telus always answer them with a blanket statement of “we had a hardware failure.”

“I personally am wondering why, now that they seem to have solved the problem, that all the explanation is that they had a hardware problem at a location,” Ian Davidson-Newby, who runs International Movie Services, an Aldergrove, B.C.-based business and uses Telus email services for his business, said.

“Were they hacked, was this a system design problem? Give us an explanation we can work with.”

After the impact of a three-day email outage, many customers have been demanding for Telus to compensate their users over what happened. However, until now, the company has not entertained any questions relating to whether they are going to compensate affected users or not.

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