Virgin Australia now offers a dedicated baggage allowance for children

Virgin Australia sets additional baggage allowance for toddlers

Virgin Australia sets additional luggage allowance for toddlers on its domestic and international flights. This decision marks Virgin Australia’s intention as the first airline to introduce such guidelines.

Traveling with children is never an easy task, and it is always an uphill battle for parents. There will be crying, running, and fidgeting in the plane that could become not only too overwhelming for the parents but also the other passengers on the flight.

Due to such grievance, Virgin Australia made an announcement that would lessen the burden parents go through when bringing their little ones in a plane. In a statement, the airline said that it’s providing their youngest travelers a dedicated checked baggage allowance when flying on domestic, international short-haul, and international long haul routes.

Individually, children under 23-months old on Virgin Australia operated flights can check-in an additional 23-kilogram bag, free of charge. Furthermore, parents are also given the privilege to carry with them another two infant items, such as a pram, car seat, cot, or baby capsule that will serve toddlers well during the flight.

On top of that, if you’re traveling with your child, the airline will let you bring an extra 7kg of carry-on baggage for essential baby products.

In other words, parents will no longer feel the need to cram all of the things their child needs, and now has more space to even bring what these kids want, especially during a plane ride.

Virgin Australia has become Australia’s first-ever airline to allow this kind of services for its passengers, which should significantly get a seal of approval from passengers with kids.

General Manager of Ground Operations, Paul Woosnam said the announcement was to make travel for parents with young children easier.

“We know traveling with an infant can be incredibly stressful, and we’re pleased to make that journey a little more effortless by introducing an infant baggage allowance on domestic and international flights,” Woosnam said.

“We want to be the airline of choice for traveling families, and we’re proud to be the only carrier in Australia to recognize that traveling with an infant sometimes means packing far more than usual.”

“We think parents will be pleased too, as they can now pack a little extra for themselves on their next trip.”

It is hard to avoid, but parents often tend not to bring (in anticipation) what their infant or child may need, especially for over long-haul flights. Now that they’re privileged with even more baggage allowance, this should no longer be a problem, and they can also bring with them things like toys and food.

Jonathan Etkind, a spokesperson at InsureandGo, says young children need to be comfortable and kept entertained during a flight.

“A child’s health and wellbeing are particularly important when traveling – and to the overall enjoyment of your trip,” he says. “When flying, ensure to keep your children comfortable and entertained on flights, by packing extra snacks and things to entertain them, such as coloring books.”

Earlier this month, Virgin Australia also launched their Nervous Flyers Program that aimed to settle anxiety and nervousness for some of its passengers when getting on a plane.

“The Nervous Flyers program allows us to connect with our passengers throughout a number of touchpoints during their journey. Whether it’s sharing breathing techniques from one of our expert partners or a video to help put passengers at ease about turbulence, we want our guests to know we care and we’re here to support them,” the company said.

Passengers will be able to self-identify as a nervous flyer prior to the flight, and will then receive a personalized email a week before the flight with wellness research from expert health and wellness practitioners, as well as a look at how some of Virgin Australia’s technical operations work.

Cabin crew will also be informed and will keep an eye out for any challenges.

Passengers can request the service by selecting Specific Assistance/Request ‘Nervous Flyer’ when booking, or afterward through Manage Your Booking as long as they have at least seven days before they travel.

“Our research tells us more than 11 percent of our guests experience high levels of nervousness about traveling, and that they want information and support to help them through their next flight,” Virgin Australia acting chief operations officer, Stuart Aggs said.

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