Business Management Specialist ‘vCita’ welcomes ‘WiseStamp’

vCita, a Business management SaaS company, closed a deal to acquire WiseStamp after disclosing its rounds of funding over the last few months. WiseStamp is the email signature tool for all major browsers dated years back.

While there are no specifics on how the deal was closed or the terms agreed upon, the primary information confirmed was that WiseStamp will now be completely owned by vCita. That includes employees, assets, offices, all of its features and services, as well as its customer base.

The peculiarity of this acquisition is that vCita specializes in cloud-based business management. This means it provides systemized services for other businesses such as scheduling, payments, and online marketing — something that an email signature tool such as WiseStamp would most likely not have any problems integrating into.

In fact, having acquired by vCita means that this would most likely be the outcome. It would be like how YouTube was eventually integrated into Google’s various services ever since its acquisition way back in 2006.

As for vCita’s tenure into the online SaaS industry, it was founded in 2010 and is primarily based in Washington. Today, it employs around 100 people from various other office branches, such as in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Seattle, U.S.

Last month, the company secured $15 million in funding from major backers led by Swiss-based Forestay Capital SA. This part of the total $30 million funding that it currently has, which is mainly allocated into maintaining business operations, as well as successfully closing the aforementioned acquisition deal with WiseStamp.

With the closed deal, it would seem that WiseStamps decade-long existence as a stand-alone service for browsers has finally come to an end. vCita is poised to leverage the service’s online marketing capability soon, and we can certainly see some time in the future, its integration into the business management system that vCita has developed through the years.

Indeed, based on the announcement, vCita seems quite optimistic that WiseStamp will provide more opportunities for customers that are already signed in either one of the current iterations of both services.

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