Realme in development of separate OS, leaving Oppo’s ColorOS behind

Realme, a new smartphone brands from the company behind Oppo and Vivo, is probably one of the most impressive smartphone breakthroughs in 2019 and the brand, which has been dominating the world market day after day is set to move forward with another milestone – the development of its own operating system that is different from Oppo’s ColorOS.

The brand, which was first launched last year, is another venture from the Chinese smartphone company, BBK Electronics, which has been dominating the low- and medium-range smartphone markets and has brought the life to phone brands like Vivo, Oppo, and One Plus. Realme became the fast-growing smartphone brand in the second quarter of 2019, and the one that became part of the Global Top 10 with an increase of 848% Year on Year based from the Counterpoint Research of Q2 2019. This August, Realme was able to sell its 1 millionth smartphone in the market, an impressive sales growth within a year of being in operation.

The phone offers a limited number of chart-topping phone models including Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro, which has garnered generous acclaim from reviewers around the world. Realme prides of the quality of its hardware and beautiful and ergonomic smartphone designs. The company has already unveiled its impressive Realme X, which houses a 64-megapixel camera. This month, the company is expected to launch the 5th generation of Realme phones called the Realme 5.

With the growing popularity of this alternative smartphone brand, the management behind RealMe says they are developing a new operating system that is specifically designed on its device. Currently, Realme smartphones are running through the Android skin designed for Oppo devices called the ColorOS.

All of the information about Realme’s plan to develop its own Android skin is speculations are based on off-the-record statements from top leadership. However, Realme has been actively looking for beta testers for their Mystery Project X, and they are specifically scouting for beta testers with experience in testing pre-release software.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are recruiting beta testers for our mysterious Project X. If you have experience in beta testing pre-release software and reporting bugs, you are the type of candidate we are looking for,” reads Realme’s posting about their search for beta testers.

The beta testers that Realme is looking for should have proven experience in beta testing and debugging, owns a realme 3 Pro (no other device will be accepted) and should be proficient in the English language as bugs and feedback need to be expressed in English.

Similarly, Realme CEO, Mhadev Sheth has posted the same announcement on his official Twitter account, which includes a link on where can beta testers can sign up. Nonetheless, there is still yet any confirmation from the company regarding the details of the “mystery project.”

“Mystery Project Alert !!! Any Guess? Fans having experience in beta testing of pre-released software and reporting bugs are invited to participate. Limited seats only,” wrote Sheth on his official Twitter account.

For now, the application to become one of the beta testers for Realme’s mystery project has already been closed as the opportunity is only available for limited participants only.

Meanwhile, during the India launch of Realme’s 64MP smartphone, CEO Sheth confirmed that the brand is indeed in the process of developing its own Android skin. The new operating system was said to be available for existing and upcoming Realme devices at the end of the year. Furthermore, Sheth also confirmed that the new Realme OS would be based on Android Q, the new generation of Android OS that is about to be debuted in the market by Google.

It is, however, still unclear whether older devices, which may not get updated to Android Q, will get the update or not. However, clarification and more details are expected during the upcoming Realme 5 series launch which is scheduled for August 20th.

With the changes that are inevitable for Realme to make soon, users are expecting better service from the company and for them to maintain their performance in terms of consistency in the shape of icons, a system-wide dark theme, improved battery stats, Digital Wellbeing, and more. This new change may be one of the most drastic in the one-year history of the brand, but it will surely define the future for Realme.

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