Foot Locker teams up with Nike to open more ‘Power Stores’

The American sportswear and footwear retailer, Foot Locker is partnering with Nike to set-up more “Power” stores across the United States. Both brands have been working for two years to make this collaboration come to life.

Last August 10, their initiative has finally come to life with the opening of the latest Foot Locker “Power” store in New York City. Located in the Washington Heights area, the new 9,000 square foot is the newest addition to Foot Locker’s “The Power Store” chain.

When you set foot in The Power Store, it is unlike your usual Foot Locker store. It is roughly four times the size of the Foot Locker branch that you would normally find in a mall. Apart from the notable size difference, The Power Store integrates interactive experiences with its customers.

There is one branch in Detroit and two branches in Philadelphia. There are also branches in Liverpool, London, and Hong Kong. Foot Locker is looking at adding more than 50 stores of this kind in the next three years.

Over the years, Nike has invested in initiatives that would allow its stores to fuse technology in their in-store operations and customer experiences. One of its biggest strategies is bringing technology to its physical stores, is allowing customers to have an easier and better shopping experience.

According to Nike, this move was well-received by their customers, prompting them to work with Foot Locker in bringing the same customer experience. The Power Store in Washington Heights will be the first Foot Locker branch to be equipped with Nike’s app integration. Also, this will be the first store that will make use of Nike’s technology that isn’t owned by the famous retailer.

In the past couple of years, there has been a decline in the foot traffic that physical stores get. This has led to retailers to downsize store sizes, close branches, or move to an online platform. However, for Footlocker, it is taking a different approach by partnering with Nike in an attempt to entice customers to shop in their physical stores despite the e-commerce growth of both brands.

As for Nike, integrating its technology with Foot Locker allows it to have more visibility and business, most especially, in locations where it doesn’t have a store. Nike is Foot Locker’s biggest brand partner. Foot Locker is also Nike’s biggest wholesaler. This partnership would also allow Nike to stand out even more in Foot Locker “Power” stores.

Despite carrying other global brands like Puma and Adidas, Nike and signature “The Swoosh” logo are seen more prominently at The Power Store in Washington Heights. At the store, you would be able to see signs next to Nike products asking you to download the NikePlus app so you would be able to know more information.

Once customers have the NikePlus app installed on their phones, it would be easy for them to “scan and learn” about the products they have their eyes on. With just a few taps on their phones, they would be able to know the available sizes and colors of the product they want.

The NikePlus app can also be used to reserve items you want from the brand and pick them up from the store. Through this, it makes shopping fun and interactive, allowing customers to have good and hassle-free retail experiences inside the store.

For customers dropping by the two-story Washington Heights store, they would be able to see merchandise for both women and kids on the first level. At the second level, you can find the stuff for men. There are also Jordan branded items around the store.

The store also has Nike’s Unlock Box. Using the QR code found in your Nike+ profile, you have the opportunity to score some free items every couple of weeks. There are a couple of things that you can find inside this merchandise vending machine. However, these will surely change from time to time.

If you’re at the store, you should check out the ShoesCase. For you to be able to use this, you’ll have to scan your NikePlus QR code. This allows you to join a real-time raffle where you have the chance to purchase a pair of limited edition sneakers! Once you are done scanning your code, the machine would print and dispense a ticket that would let you know if you have won or not.

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