FCC approves more funding to bring broadband internet to rural areas

The Federal Communications Commission approved another funding to allow rural areas to experience better internet connectivity. A $121 million settlement aims to provide a fast and stable broadband connection to rural areas around the country.

The new round of funding is the fourth tranche of the budget approved by the country’s communication agency to ease the burden of people living in rural areas in terms of internet connectivity.

Since the start of the internet age, rural areas in the U.S. are somehow not blessed with good access. Internet access in these rural areas has less speed compared to urban areas. There is less signal and wireless phone service is even weaker than in the cities, and the FCC believes that this will ease out the wide-range rural internet problem.

The funding will help bring internet connectivity for 36,579 homes and business all across the 16 states. This will make ease of access to the world wide web and will allow the people and the industries in this area to connect to more people. The funding will be doled within ten years and will slowly improve the situation when it comes to their connectivity.

The funding will be divided into some parts, one will be that FCC will provide $4.1 million to develop the gigabit connectivity to 849 homes and business in Wyoming, and $32.3 million to supply gigabit service to 7,015 in the rural areas of Pennsylvania.

All across the U.S communities in the rural area are somewhat left out of the modern world since they are quite far from society. With weak connectivity and slow development of the internet in these areas, there is a very slow spread of news, people having issues with the crucial needs for the use of the internet.

FCC has been criticized most of the time for not doing enough of an effort to bring the broadband connection problem at ease, even after it had already proposed additional funding to support the internet connection of rural areas earlier this month.

Rural areas, however, are not limited to one provider; these are the list of the top rural internet service provider you might want to know when moving to a rural area.

The lack of infrastructure for a good internet service is mainly the cause of the poor internet connection. Broadband lobby groups are saying that internet service is the same as the utilities that we use in our everyday life such as, gas distribution, electricity, and water. 

According to the latest FCC broadband Deployment Report in rural areas, 68.6% of Americans have access to both fixed terrestrial services at 25 Mbps/3 Mbps and mobile LTE at speeds of 5 Mbps/1 Mbps and approximately 14 million rural Americans still lack mobile LTE broadband at speeds of 10 Mbps/3 Mbps. 

“From 2012 to 2014, mobile LTE broadband was newly deployed to 34.2 million people, including 21.5 million rural Americans. But in the following two years, new mobile deployments dropped 83 percent, reaching only 5.8 million more Americans, including only 2.3 million more rural Americans,” reads a document from the FCC website.

“Rural and Tribal areas continue to lag behind urban areas in mobile broadband deployment. Although evaluated urban areas saw an increase of 10 Mbps/3 Mbps mobile LTE from 81.9% in 2014 to 90.5 % in 2016, such deployment in evaluated rural and Tribal areas remained flat at about 70% and 64%, respectively.”

Approximately 14 million rural Americans and 1.2 million Americans living on Tribal lands still lack mobile LTE broadband at speeds of 10 Mbps/3 Mbps. These are the main concern of the FCC when placing in mind the budget for the expansion of internet connectivity to the rural areas.

The problem of internet connectivity and even signal connection would be resolved in a matter of a few years. This will take some time since the FCC will still start projects on the development of the ISP or even communication connectivity in these rural areas. Nonetheless, the move of the FCC to help people living in rural areas get stronger and faster internet connectivity is one step in promoting the economy and the communication system in the country.

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