Some Google Services can now be logged on via fingerprint

Google has just introduced a brand new Android feature that will allow users to directly log on to some of their Google service accounts using your Android phone’s fingerprint scanner.

Up until now, fingerprint scanners were more or less only used to unlock the phone screen. Same with account access, where you either still need to manually input passwords, or to store them within a password storage service for an added layer of security.

This new authentication process, however, is designed to not only speed up the process of logging in to these accounts when switching units or service. But it is also built to be more inherently secure, due to a direct biometric authentication system replacing the traditional but easier to replicate mode of password typing.

Your access credential is basically your own self, as well as the mobile device that you used to log on to that specific Google service.

To avail this feature, you must first have the compatible mobile device for the service. Yes, unfortunately, this new feature is only available to select smartphone models at the moment (hint: their own). However, Google plans to eventually make the feature open to all smartphones with at least Android 7.0 installed.

Once you have the compatible device, you can check out There, you will be prompted to authenticate your identity using the selected phone, to which the fingerprint data will be used for the service.

If fingerprint scanning isn’t your choice of authentication, the service also lets you choose other device-based authentication systems, such as using a pin number or a touch pattern. And yes, even setting a traditional password once again, is possible.

This newest update for Android is yet another important step in Google’s long-term plans to do away with traditional passwords altogether. Even as early as 2016, during the company’s annual I/O event, its developers have expressed their interest to “make passwords obsolete” using a number of different innovations.

Indeed, this has been represented by subsequent endeavors such as Project Abacus, as well as today’s Android update.

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