Opsani secures $10 million to develop Cloud App Service Optimization AI

California-based AI startup Opsani officially announced its successful round of Series A funding that is worth $10 million. This backing will essentially enable the company to continue research, development, and service operations for this year, well into the coming years.

One of the mentioned leading reasons for the stability of Opsani’s operational funding, as shown by this recent announcement, is its service. Its AI-powered optimization platform. as officially introduced, allows other businesses to enhance and automate cloud-based operations, while those in the app development industry can deliver their digital products and its updates seamlessly and conveniently. At least, according to its standard business model.

Specifically, the company’s development suite is categorized as a Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) service, which is essentially built to facilitate efficient software runtime environments to whichever niche the company focuses at.

For Opsani, it is cloud-based app operations, typically those that normally require constant updating in-between users of the app that the service is being used with.

In short, Opsani is a more integrated, but somewhat more pricey version of Spotinst.

While the CI/CD industry is relatively small compared to other more established online-based services, the number of mobile device users in the last decade has helped the industry significantly grow, predicted to become as large as $1.1 billion within the next five years.

The technical value of continuous (automated) delivery is after all, very integral in keeping round-the-clock operations as efficient, optimized, and productive as possible for modern, integrated software-based businesses.

Opsani was founded in 2014 by former Cisco CTO Ross Schibler, in collaboration with Bert Armijo and Peter Nickolov. The main philosophy of the startup was to provide profitable support for established service-type businesses,

The primary funder for this round is once again Redpoint Ventures, followed closely by earlier backers such as Bain Capital and Zetta Ventures. As announced, the additional $10 million will be used to scale up operations starting 2019.

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