Spaceflow transforms buildings into a desirable experience

Spaceflow, a startup company from Prague, Czech Republic, is looking to expand on a global scale along with its goal of transforming regular buildings into human experiences.

The company notes that people are more accustomed to buildings everywhere they go. The four-walled structures are where we sleep, eat, and work daily.

Recognizing that fact, Spaceflow is a result of the realization that people are starting to demand more out of the very buildings that hold most of their lives. People are seeking an experience other than the basics of everyday life to go with it.

Whether it is residential or offices, people want more from their landlords or their community.

They are seeking for building that are desirable, interactive, and can keep employees, tenants, or even business owners happy.

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Spaceflow was hailed to address this dilemma, to partner with building owners that want to provide a different experience for those in their properties.

“Spaceflow accelerates the transformation of real estate from space-to-rent business to space-as-a-service business,’’ Spaceflow’s Marketing Manager Petr Boruta said in an interview.

In other words, the novel mobile application is bridging real estate owners and tenants with their desire to make their living and business experience meet in the middle where they both appease each other.

‘‘This space-as-a-service experience that we create allows landlords and space operators to attract and retain top tenants as well as raise profits,” Boruta said.

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In actuality, Spaceflow functions based on a fundamental idea of providing a place where businesses and customers meet. It is often described as a digital concierge where tenants now have access to amenities, services, and community life through a few clicks in a mobile app.

Through Spaceflow, users can book meeting rooms, organize car shares, rent bikes, get building information, order food, and take part in community events.

It is also even ideal for searching the nearest available laundry place or where a cleaner can be sourced.

”Once you download the Spaceflow app as an occupant, you can locate your building via QR code/GPS (in most cases the profile is not public, so there is also an access code),” explains Spaceflow co-founder and CEO Lukas Balik. “Once you reach the building profile, most of the content is tailored specifically to the building.”

On the other hand, local retailers, businesses, and landlords can leverage themselves through the app by offering their services directly to their target audience.

Particularly for landlords, they can show via Spaceflow what available amenities, activities, and other community life experiences potential tenants have access to.

Meanwhile, businesses and local retailers can expand their reach to a broader audience. Thus, potentially attracting more traffic and customers in their buildings.

In addition, the app is also an effective way of informing tenants about the latest updates from the property owner. The app houses a reporting tool for maintenance and other issues and an online community for the building. Similar to a Facebook group but specific for building tenants.

Clients can even choose to have Spaceflow community managers to help build relationships with tenants, create content in the platform, co-organise events, and connect to suppliers.

“Every landlord gets access to the admin console where they can set up their whole portfolio,” adds Balik. “Also, every client gets an onboarding session with one of our community managers, and our subscription plans offer three different plans based on the level of ongoing support.”

As of the moment, Spaceflow is a unique mobile application found in London, Prague, New York, and Munich, but they are rapidly looking to expand to become a global community.

In a TechCrunch report, the startup has raised $1.8 million in funding, which they said will be used to hire additional members of its product development team and to meet its U.S. and U.K. growth goals.

Leading the round is Credo Ventures, with participation from Day One Capital, and UP21.

”We’re doing global business for global companies. We’re looking at all the things, from marketing to product, in the global perspective, ” Boruta said.

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