InsideView ready to accept old customers via platform update

California-based SaaS company InsideView announced in an official press release last week that it will be enhancing its data platforms. This is primarily in anticipation of the expected flow of customers from, who will be retiring its services very soon.

InsideView’s primary service objective in the B2B sector is mainly Targeting Intelligence, or the provision of a platform for business data, nonprofit CRM, and entrepreneurial expansion through contacts, publications, and social media.

Salesforce’s (formerly Jigsaw), on the other hand, is a service that is specifically designed to automate and integrate CRM records via a cloud management database. The user-generated database is accessible throughout the entire installed business network, allowing the buildup and maintenance of a worldwide collected data that can be used by any business to enhance further and optimize local business operations.

The enhancements of InsideView’s data platform are directly targeted at these very services, with most of the improvements aiming for better data flexibility to ease the transition into the service. The breakdown of the new features will be as follows:

  • Enhanced AI-based matching – this includes InsideView’s specialty in data health assessment, as well as a number of redundancy measures such as match logic flexibility (more variables), always usable match accuracy, as well as definitive descriptions of entries that don’t belong and/or match.
  • Branch data – fragmenting any usable business data and allocating it to wherever it may be needed systematically.
  • Consistent data diagnostic – to always ensure data integrity, and to reduce error margins to a negligible minimum.

Salesforce announced the termination of the partnership with way back in 2017 when an official press release by the company stated that the licenses for the product would not be renewed after July 31, 2019. It was explained that the company has since then been planning to move on towards “the next evolution of our data management offerings.”

Indeed, compared to many other similar services today, has been left as a relic of the early 2000s. Precisely because of the manually user-generated data; the business model of the product becomes inevitably focused on allowing the users themselves to edit information.

This eventually led to an accumulating number of input errors, which, when paired with other old and inaccurate data, creates a management snowball effect that could potentially impact business operations of corporate entities using the product.

In the following months before the service termination was implemented, InsideView has reportedly assisted a number of significantly large US-based companies formerly using, such as Port Logistics Group, EVO Payments, as well as Power Plan, to make the leap into their new data platform.

InsideView is fairly confident that these updates will serve to invite more and more former users to avail their services. The company advertises on its “familiar but updated” campaign, which, to be fair, is indeed quite accurate, given that the platform offers the same method of accessibility, only enhanced technically with more robust elements of data integrity due to is relatively more advanced design.

Starting this August, the company expects that the first huge wave of former users will arrive within the timeline of this month towards November.

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