Yellow Cab Made Ten Tesla Model 3 As Taxis — A Smart Idea?

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Yellow Cab—a taxi service—is adding a fleet of Model 3s in its electric line of vehicles.

The Columbus, Ohio based taxi company has been advocating for a greener alternative in terms of how modern vehicles should operate in busy and populated cities.

To accomplish this goal, Yellow Cab purchased ten new Tesla Model 3s in its fleet of 170 taxi cars.

Notably, the company has not been an advocate of environmentally friendly alternatives until recently when they started transitioning to using electric vehicles. As of the moment out of the 170 cars they have, 20 of which are only electric, but they are moving to be 100 percent electric as soon as possible.

In the words of its owner and CEO, Megan Kauffman, he said that the company’s goal is to ”show the feasibility of going electric and, potentially in the next few years, do it in a way that is carbon net neutral and make it convenient and appropriately priced.”

Other than the fact that electric vehicles are better for the environment, it is also a more practical choice as compared to conventional fuel-burning cars.

Especially in urban settings, electric vehicles are a better choice because populated cities usually equate to populated highways. Meaning, the average number of miles traveled per day are relatively low, speeds are low, and idle times are high.

In this sense, people don’t need to spend as much on gas as they wait for traffic to clear up than when they are using an electric car.

Furthermore, idling in an electric vehicle uses minimal electricity and can regenerate power with every deceleration event.

In other words, using an electric car will save people from spending too much on gas, all while reducing emissions on the environment.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s—founder and owner of Tesla—efforts of reducing the price of the Tesla cars, namely the Tesla Model 3 also helps paint the picture by making it more affordable for the average consumer. It is also an ideal choice for taxi service companies such as Yellow Cab, given that it also offers an extended range on a single charge.

If anything, with a total cost of ownership that can best even a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord.

The company is also committed to offering rides in its electric vehicles for the same price as they offer in their current gas-powered cars.

“We’ve been around for 91 years, and so we have served the city in every way we can, but we are showing that sustainability can be a part of everyone’s everyday life, and we want to lead by example,” Kaufmann said.

In other related news, it also comes after Tesla’s plans of making a fraction of the millions of its cars on the road to become an autonomous taxi service powered by its Autopilot software.

According to a document Musk published three years ago, the service won’t go live in all regions simultaneously. Mainly because there are specific regulatory guidelines that need to be considered.

In essence, despite, Tesla owners will be able to add or remove their car from the Tesla autopilot network and earn revenue (of which Tesla will take a 25% to 30% cut), and in areas where there aren’t a large pool of vehicles available, Tesla will supply its own.

In a presentation Musk did for investors this year, he indicated that customers will be able to summon participating cars “from [their] parking lots” using a bespoke mobile app and “get in and go for a drive.” He expects the network will have as many as a million cars in the next year and a half.

The electric car company is continually trying to improve its system. This month, we reported that battery packs are being designed for a million miles of operation and motors with 4.5 miles per kilowatt energy efficiency. There are also improved surround-cameras and sensors that will equip it to soon become a self-driving vehicle.

Currently, Tesla vehicles, still with matching drivers, have become particularly popular with taxis in the Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.

The Schiphol airport, Amsterdam’s international airport, announced in December that they completed their one-millionth taxi ride with 70% of which were done by their large fleet of Tesla vehicles.

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