You Can Play Diablo On Your Browser Now

UPDATE 07/31/2019: Seems the website got overloaded within the last several hours and was taken down. It is currently offline.

UPDATE 08/01/2019: The link is back and alive! But you are now required to just download it directly and simply throw it onto an empty page of your local browser.

Rivsoft opens the floodgates of dungeon-exploring, hacking and slashing nostalgia, with its announcement to host a Diablo server. Yes, the first and original 1996 title. Download the shareware version, and relive the glory days of mindless grinding with your lazy necromancer challenging the distant frontiers, to eventually defeat the forces of chaos.

Diablo was one of the biggest pioneering games developed by Blizzard during the late 90’s boom of high visual detail (at that time) video games. In fact, it is not too farfetched to claim that Diablo was one of the most pivotal games that introduced several of the elements that are very much the heart and soul of almost every single MMORPG available today.

As for the browser Diablo version, yes it is indeed the shareware version of the game. Though, being that it is 90’s shareware, you can pretty much enjoy much of the first two levels as a warrior with it. After all, if you’re playing on a browser, then you most likely are either procrastinating or simply passing time with it. However, the game is indeed fully accessible, in case you have your own original copy to drag and drop all the other files with.

Building this specific version, according to the official access page, was made to retain all the original data as much as possible within the code. Yes, including all the unnecessary clutter which made looking at the source code a nightmare, if you even dare to do so.

Also, since it was ported as originally as possible, all the bugs that you feel so nostalgic with are still there. Wanna dupe items? Yup, still possible. Feel like running around with absolutely no armor or HP investments using Mana Shield? Don’t worry, it’s got you completely covered, literally.

The next thing to consider now is if the very act of playing this classic title on a browser would be the core issue. Are you really certain you can stop playing it before lunchtime ends?

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