‘Persona 5 Royal’ Latest Trailer Shows Off A Kickass Morgana

In the latest rounds of trailers for the highly anticipated alternative sequel for Persona 5, Morgana this time gets the spotlight. It’s not just the moves, its not just the grooves, but we get even more confirmation of the new sets of personas each of the non-MCs will bring.

First off, the trailer opens with a rather comical serious but soon comical entrance by Morgana in his yet to be seen regular feline form. Ryuji, of course, stands there seemingly dumbfounded at the nonchalant nature of his entrance. This then cuts more into added scenes for the game, including one possibly important interaction dialogue with the protagonist.

But perhaps most tantalizing of all shown in the trailer is the brand new Persona used by Morgana. He shouts out the word “Diego” before unleashing the Persona’s move.

This is peculiar because Morgana’s original Persona is Zorro, which is the alter ego of Diego (more specifically Diego de la Vega), which, is the character’s actual identity within his fictional series. Visually, however, Diego as a Persona seems to be much different from what we usually see on TV and movies, quite unlike the altered, but still thematically familiar Zorro Persona.

But hey, we guess every Persona in every Persona title ever is a lot different from what they originally were conceptualized from.

As to what upgraded move set or signature techniques Diego will specifically have, is still up for debate. Though of course, most of its magic attacks will still be largely based on Garu type (wind) moves.

Morgana is, at the moment, the eighth of the main character roster to be featured on a trailer for Persona 5 Royal. Don’t forget to check out the scheduled live stream this coming Friday at August 2nd for even more details about the sequel.

Persona 5 Royal is scheduled for official release in Japan on October 31st this year, and sometime during 2020 in the West. It is currently only exclusively available for the PS4.

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