Gravity Announces New Cross-Platform ‘Ragnarok Online’ Title

Korean-based Gravity, the original developer of the MMORPG classic Ragnarok Online, has just announced the release of a brand new title within the same franchise. Officially titled as “으라차차, 돌격! 라그나로크” (roughly Forward, Assault! Ragnarok), it is slated to be available as early as September this year locally.

According to its announcement information, the new Ragnarok game will be tailored for cross-platform availability, specifically between a mobile, smartphone version, and a desktop, PC version. This is a move that is presumed not only due to the potentially larger player base of a combined PC plus mobile user list. But is also promoted as a way for players to keep playing the exact same title even when away from a dedicated unit.

In addition, perhaps inspired by other highly successful derivative Ragnarok Online games as of late, the new title is also slated to offer many quality-of-life conveniences that are built to make it easier for working adults to play the game competitively. Systems such as auto-grinding and eased controls are planned to be central to its gameplay, or at the very least, it will attempt to move far away from the previously very grindy nature of the original Ragnarok Online game.

The news, while quite surprising in terms of multiple development projects, is actually quite understandable from Gravity’s perspective.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love alone, for instance, has been highly successful in marketing all that is known about the classic game, while still catering perfectly to the same players of old, who might not be as available today to dedicate their time to the game’s super grindy parts. It shot the Ragnarok Online nostalgia all the way through, even officially releasing separate servers in Korea, China, Asia, Japan, and North America during 2018 towards early 2019.

All of that, despite many development troubles in the beginning, and despite being quite pay-to-win (P2W) in nature.

Should it be proven to be the real deal, would this new Ragnarok Online break new grounds like XD and Tencent’s versions currently do? Based on how it is marketed with even more nostalgia elements so far, Gravity seems to believe so fully.

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