‘Dragon Quest’ Heroes Arrives In ‘Smash Ultimate’ Today

After being teased a while back, the chosen “Heroes” (pun intended) from the beloved Dragon Quest series finally makes their way into Smash Bros. Ultimate. The DLC is officially available as of today, and they are finally here!

Those who have watched yesterday’s special live broadcast for the upcoming DLC at Nintendo’s official YouTube channel already know most of the actual gameplay details of this particular DLC. However, if you happen not to be familiar with the information just yet, or have not even watched the teaser trailer last June, here’s a short recap of what Masahiro Sakurai has introduced.

The “Hero” character of the Dragon Quest series is basically split into the Smash character’s different player skins. The participating main protagonists are from Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest VIII, and Dragon Quest XI. As they do not have any official names, but rather titles only, each of them can be referred to as “Hero.”

As for the visual style of the Hero’s fighting mechanics, it has been largely inspired by how the original artist Akira Toriyama (Dr. Slump, Dragon Ball) depicts action in his works. The critical hit effect, for example, creates an impression of a solid strike more reminiscent of an RPG-esque strike rather than a fighting-game based visual hit register.

On the magic side, the Hero mostly employs Frizz (fire), Woosh (wind) and Zap (lightning) based attacks. Frizz spells are mostly used as range attacks, Woosh spells for strike mobility, and Zap spells for knockback charging.

Some of the additional spells include Bounce, which reflects not just magic but any projectile, Kaboom, which detonates towards the position of the opponent, and Zoom, which returns the player to the original duel spot. Even Hocus Pocus makes its appearance into the Hero’s magic ability moves list, though as with the original game, the effects are completely random.

The spells are balanced within an MP gauge, which the player needs to manage well because the spell will fizzle if MP becomes insufficient as he charges the attack. Also, it is quite a nice touch that the spells can also be accessed from an iconically-designed command menu, as an obvious homage to the legendary RPG.

Lastly, the Hero’s Final Smash is the Gigaslash, an attack that summons the rest of the other Heroes from other Dragon Quest series for a multi-attack finisher. It looked pretty epic, especially if you’re a long time fan of the series.

Will the Hero become a Tier 1 character? Speculations and theories are already circulating online. But for now, all we can do is to enjoy playing this very legendary treat.

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