Amazon Now Accepts Nintendo Switch Lite Pre-Orders

The Nintendo Switch Lite is now finally available for pre-order at Amazon. This includes all color variants, as well as upcoming exclusive versions.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, as introduced before, is a compact version of the Nintendo Switch that focuses more on portability than platform versatility. It is not some mini-version with reduced specs. In fact, the console would probably be introduced with components much better optimized for reduced energy consumption for longer and better portable play.

As such, whatever you are playing on the original Switch will be perfectly playable on the Switch Lite. Yes, even those that require Joy-cons. Though, you might want to prepare a separate set to sync with your Switch Lite.

Heck, any of the special accessories available (the Poke Ball Plus instantly comes to mind) for the original Switch is fair game for its upcoming handier version. You can even connect a Switch Pro controller for it if you really want to get that home console-level control out of your games.

Just be reminded that you might just have to squint a bit quite a lot, especially during multi-player sessions on that compact, smartphone-esque, 5.5-inch screen. This is probably made even worse as it doesn’t have a kickstand, though the side buttons could at least elevate it a bit.

If you’re up to grab your own Switch Lite at Amazon for pre-order, keep in mind that it is currently available at $200 for the gray, yellow, and turquoise versions. This will be the console itself, excluding all of the available accessories that would be specifically built for the Switch Lite.

As for the exclusive Pokemon Sword and Shield version, the item set is indeed available and listed at Amazon. However, you may want to check up on it at a later time, as there is no price tag for it just yet.

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