‘Disgaea RPG’ Pushes For Game Service Relaunch In November

ForwardWorks updated its official website today with a new press release about the development of major fixes to the controversially released Disgaea RPG. Instead of a generic Fall 2019 timeline, the new schedule now clearly indicates a November service resumption deadline.

Service Shutdown in March

Disgaea RPG (Makai Senki Disgaea RPG in Japan) was the upcoming mobile title of Nippon Ichi’s long-running Disgaea tactical RPG series. Unlike the original games, Disgaea RPG had a more traditional turn-based RPG format, hence the name. It has a playstyle that is considered not too much different from other popular mobile RPGs such as Fate Grand Order.

It was officially launched last March 19, 2019. At that time, the game had no significant issues a week after the start of its service.

Then, quite suddenly, on March 29, emergency maintenance was implemented — shutting down the servers — and providing further details in an official Twitter post that services would resume in a day after the issue was solved.

But the problem was never solved.

In the succeeding two weeks after the emergency shutdown of its servers, ForwardWorks released an official press release detailing the actual severity of the matter, with its link attached to another official Twitter post.

Long story short, the entire game, and its very system needed an overhaul, and it is estimated that around three whole months would be needed to solve the issue and resume online availability.

Silence over (the) Matter

Thus, Disgaea RPG was temporarily removed from the iOS app store and Google Play until further notice. Adding further fuel to the fire, ForwardWorks has also confirmed that the resumption of the game’s service will technically be a relaunch, erasing all game data, as well as all purchases of those who played the game during its first ten days.

After the major announcement of the three-month fix period, there was no significant news heard from either ForwardWorks or Nippon Ichi. Updates have gone silent for several weeks, and players started to wonder if the status of the game fixes is possibly going behind schedule.

Two months later, however, on May 31, a new Twitter post confirmed that the fixes are still going underway. The overall information revealed by this update though wasn’t good news at all for its players. It detailed that service resumption will be officially extended several months further to sometime during the fall of this year.

And once again, the official sources remained completely silent over the matter.

ForwardWorks Updated Statement

That is until today, when ForwardWorks released a new press release recapping the current state of progress after its last update in May, as well as showing the updated project schedule of the game’s fixes and eventual service resumption.

As seen in this brief schedule, the months July, August, and the beginning of September are allocated for continued server and application fixes, while the latter part of September and October are dedicated for server and game testing. November then shows a definitive deadline that only says “service start”.

ForwardWorks attributes much of the major changes and updates to the games fixing with the introduction of a new development partner. The exact identity of this “partner” however was not specified.

Now at the very least, players have a more specific month to look forward to as they wait for the game to be fixed and relaunched.

Disgaea is a game series that started in 2003 with Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, originally developed for the PS2. Since then each game release was ported over many different consoles and featured an ever-growing cast of characters, as well as showcasing wackier and crazier unique tactical RPG systems. The last main-game title, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, was first released for the PS4 in 2015 but was eventually ported for the Nintendo Switch in 2017, and for the PC in 2018.

Like so many other popular franchises today, Disgaea also finally gets into the “mobile gamification” craze, with Disgaea RPG. Unfortunately, things didn’t seem to work out well for Nippon Ichi this time, and we can only hope that the November game relaunch update will stay true to its word.

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