‘Blair Witch’ Official Gameplay Trailer Released

Almost two months after the first teaser came out, Bloober Team uploaded a video trailer update today that gives us yet another glimpse at its upcoming first-person survival game version of the horror classic, Blair Witch.

The new gameplay trailer this time provides a more concrete introduction to the main character of the game. We finally get to see even more iconic elements of the classic movie, as well as some of the controls and systems that are to be implemented for the player to make use of.

More importantly, added footage of the mysterious entities roaming the forest is also provided by this new video. Just to be clear though, the developers seem to be adamant the creature shown is not actually the witch, so there are still are a lot more to unravel.

Interestingly, the dog is revealed to actually be an integral part of the game’s core play mechanics. What we have been shown so far are the generic controls, specifically the one command used by the player during the trailer, that let the dog scout around.

Of course, this is not the first time that dog command mechanics are introduced as part of a title’s central gameplay. Fallout 4 players, for instance, would remember just how endearing such system turned out to be for their playthroughs.

As such, the comment section of the video has no shortage of users expressing their different opinions about the dog. It’s mostly a mixed bag of worry, regret, excitement, and probably fear as well.

Because this is a story-driven, first-person survival horror game, there are many queries as to if the game will incorporate VR mechanics similar to Resident Evil 7. After all, the main character seems to primarily have access to different visual perspectives using either his own normal eyesight, his phone, a camera (that he most likely later found), as well as indirectly via the dog.

Either way, we will find out very soon, as Blair Witch is slated to be released for the Xbox One and PC on August 30, 2019.

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