‘Yo-kai Watch’ Remake: More Retail Details Confirmed

Level 5 finally confirms more retail information about the upcoming remake of the very first Yo-kai Watch game. Included is the official release date, which is slated on October 10, 2019.

Previously unveiled shortly after the release of the latest title Yo-kai Watch 4, the original Yo-kai Watch 1 was confirmed to be in the works for the Nintendo Switch. Just like any other teaser announcement, however, no other details were unveiled, with the project simply having made known to the public.

More information, as well as sample in-game screenshots depicting the updated HD graphics, was eventually leaked out via official website updates. As of today, information about its retailing was finally unveiled as well.

Yo-kai Watch, one of the biggest multimedia franchises held by Level 5 in Japan, started out its game series in 2013 with the release of the first Yo-kai Watch game for the Nintendo 3DS. Akin to the equally popular Shin Megami Tensei series by Atlus, it brought a mix of RPG elements, monster taming/raising/interacting mechanics, as well as gacha-like systems to bring life to the Nintendo 3DS touchscreen.

Its developer Level 5, is perhaps more known for its Professor Layton and Inazuma Eleven series of games in Japan, and the Ni no Kuni game series in the West. The company had a very long history in the field of game development, reaching as far back to the days of the PS2.

Because this remake of the original Yo-kai Watch will be developed for the Switch, several of its dual-screen access and gameplay elements in the 3DS will be changed significantly. For example, the combat screen, which is separated by the enemy/ally screen and its menu, will soon be meshed in a single screen much like the Yo-kai Watch 4.

No specific retail information on its Western release just yet, but Yo-kai Watch will be available in Japan for 4,980 yen ($46). Additionally, players who will purchase the upcoming remake will receive a download code for Yo-kai Watch 4 that will allow Chairman McKraken, the final boss of the first game, to make his appearance in the latest chronological title.

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