‘Monster Rancher’ Is Making Big Comeback With A Remake

Monster Rancher, the classic monster taming and battling series for the PlayStation, is making a legacy comeback.

An official Twitter announcement at the Monster Rancher (Monster Farm in Japan) Twitter page unveiled a remake project for the very first Monster Rancher game for the PSX/PS1. This announcement apparently coincides with the anniversary of the game’s release, which was exactly twenty-one years ago.

This may come as a surprise for many older players who are familiar with the series. But for those who happened to have seen Koei Tecmo’s inception of the official Twitter page for the franchise a couple of months back in February, the hints were probably already apparent.

During the first few months of the Twitter page, the posts were quite mundane. The content is mostly tailored to look as if the character Holly from Monster Rancher is the one giving the updates.

Then a somewhat cryptic question came up on July 1. This was given along with a Twitter update that said:

“Monster Farm was born (developed) on July 24, 1997. Will everyone celebrate the [series] anniversary this month?”

This was the big hint: the one that preceded the recent Tweet that was timed to coincide with the original game’s twenty-first anniversary.

Because this was a teaser announcement, there were no other details provided. But, knowing that this is a PSX/PS1 classic, it’s probably not a stretch to assume that this would most likely be an exclusive PS4 title.

The announcement of a remake to Monster Rancher is quite interesting if we consider the question of how exactly would the game’s disc reading and monster summoning mechanics will be implemented.

As players of the game have known before, aside from getting new monsters at the market, combining them to create fused versions, or encountering them in story quests, players may summon new monsters by reading data on CDs. This was the primary gimmick of the franchise, which also became its iconic identity that differentiated them from similar franchises at the time like Digimon and Pokemon.

So would the remake read Blu-ray discs this time instead? How about DVDs? Or maybe it would simply read data from your game library?

In any case, fans of the classic PSX/PS1 game can look forward to playing this remake as soon as possible, as the Tweet also detailed that the remake will be available sometime within this year.

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  1. I’m so freaking hyped for this! I had feared the series was dead after the last mobile game. Even though this is just a port, it tells me that this is still on the radar as a valuable ip. This series fits perfectly in the market that has resurged with the Nintendo Switch and I’m really hoping they release it there, both ports and new titles.

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