Discord (Finally) Implements Server Folders

Indeed, the server folder feature is finally implemented! This update comes fresh today, along with a video announcement, and of course, several other updated tweaks for the communication platform.

Discord, as its default function as a communication platform for various (mostly gaming-oriented) groups, has done really well in exchanging information with its users. Thus, incremental improvement is always right there around the corner each month.

However, because it is officially introduced as a gamer communication platform, and you typically use only one account for most of these platforms, the potential for the separate servers you are a member of clutter up your sidebar is almost always an eventuality.

Thus, the outcry to provide a better organization through separate server folders has begun. The problem though, it was never really implemented despite numerous outcries from many different users.

That is until today.

The user updates simply read “server folders.” No explanations needed, no other similarly significant updates added. The developers even took a jab upon themselves and created a sort of parody update video that details the update.

As for other minor updates that were included in the server folder implementation, here are the following:

  • Updated accessibility-friendly status icons and updates
  • Improved screenie share on Windows
  • Less CPU load and lower RAM usage
  • Overlay performance enhance at lower than 4k resolutions
  • Link unfurls can be furled by clicking an X icon near an unfurled furl
  • and did we already say Server Folders?!

So chaps out there who just recently purged some of their servers just to clean up the side clutter, we sincerely mourn for your loss. Hey, at least you can rejoin them again to create organized server folders finally!

As for those rare individuals who only have one or two servers joined onto, good for you as well. We guarantee that you will need this feature sometime during the near future.

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