A New NVIDIA Shield TV Filing Just Hit The FCC

NVIDIA seems to be planning on a new and updated version of its NVIDIA Shield TV soon when it filed an FCC registration today that describes such product.

The product is officially listed at its FCC registration page as “NVIDIA Corporation SHIELD Android TV Game Console P3430”, with a designation VOB-P3430. Among the exciting components filed with the registration, is the rumored upgraded Tegra processor, specifically the Tegra X1 T210 B01.

Unfortunately, among the hundreds of technical information and files available, there is nothing that would confirm other details, at least the ones important to us consumers, that would give us clues on its actual current production status.

Those who have seen its entry at the Google Play console may have noticed back in June that the product was already technically is in the works. Though there are no details spared for the discreet unveil at that time, it was at least confirmed that it will be running Android 9.0 (Pie).

On an interesting note, it seems that this reveal of a new NVIDIA Shield TV also coincides with the update of another similar Tegra-installed gaming hardware — the Nintendo Switch.

Earlier in July, it has been reported that the Nintendo Switch was slated for a silent upgrade as per its official submission of a Class II Permission Change at the FCC. The changes indicated in the filing called for the general replacement of the console’s primary CPU. Since the Nintendo Switch is currently using a Tegra X1-type chip, it is highly likely that the upgrade would be more or less the same as the one that is slated to be installed on the upcoming updated version of the NVIDIA Shield TV.

Do take note though, that this is the original Nintendo Switch that we are talking about, and not the Nintendo Switch Lite, whom technical specifications remain deliberately ambiguous at best.

And as for the new NVIDIA Shield TV release date? No information at the moment. However, since the last NVIDIA Shield TV came around 2017, a two-year time gap might be a good time to step it up and consider an upgraded release.

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