‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ Returns After A Decade

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

The last we’ve seen about Zombieland was 2009. Today, Sony Pictures Entertainment dropped the official trailer for its sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap complete with the original cast, fast-spitting humor, cinematic action, and more!

First off, the sequel will see the return of Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin—the four original core characters of its predecessor and will be reprising their roles in the action-comedy franchise.

The 2009 Zombieland saw surprising success in the box office and grossed $102 million worldwide. It also received raved reviews from critics and fans have been waiting for an installment since.

The trailer definitely gave a lot away but not enough to spoil the entire plot. If more than anything, it showed its fans that nothing much has changed from the past 10 years about how funny or action-packed Zombieland: Double Tap is going to be. It just might be that the sequel is going to be better by raising everything to another level.

Furthermore, the trailer only gives a glimpse of how the weird but functional family unit goes to explore and traverse the depth of their relationship with one another, but we do know that this time, new mouth-breathing characters will get in the mix.

Like the first movie, the sequel will apparently still be low on zombies (ironic because it’s a zombie apocalypse movie) but more on how these characters actually tell a meaningful plot about family.

According to its newly-released official synopsis, Double Tap picks up in real-time after the first movie and finds Columbus (Eisenberg), Wichita (Stone), Tallahassee (Harrelson), and Little Rock (Breslin) living in the White House while “the many new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first movie, as well as some new human survivors,” lingers on the sidelines. “But most of all, they have to face the growing pains of their own snarky, makeshift family.”

The original director of the first Zombieland and also for the 2019 version, Ruben Fleischer told in an interview:

“We find our heroes from the last movie ten years later, as they’re just moving into the White House; Tallahassee has a saying, ‘Go big, or go home.’ They kind of took it to heart and went for kind of the biggest and best home they could find.”

More so, the four original casts have also had the zombie-fighting skills in the lock as they’re randomly going in and out of the supposedly great home that eventually sees themselves facing more trouble.

Other than our mouth-breathers, the zombies have also seen an improvement in the last decade. “In the 10 years since the first movie, zombies have evolved into different types of zombies,” says Fleischer. “The one that’s causing the big threat is the T-800 zombies, that are stronger, faster, [and] harder to kill.”

There are also new—breathing—characters that are for sure to bring in more laughs or chair-gripping suspense such as the “bad-ass zombie killer” called Nevada (Rosario Dawson), a young woman named Madison (Zoey Deutsch) who has survived by living in the freezer of a Pinkberry, and a “hippie” musician from Berkeley who always has a stash of weed (Avan Jogia).

We also see a pair of oddly familiar-looking gentlemen played by Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch, who are eerily similar to Columbus and Tallahassee in their appearance and mannerisms.

“We kind of called them ‘doppelgängers,’” says Fleischer.  “Actually, I’m going to leave [it] to the audience who goes to the movie. I don’t want to spoil it too much. I’ll just say it’s perhaps one of my favorite parts of the whole film. You’re gonna have to go see the movie to see what’s going on.”

Meanwhile, Fleischer will also be reunited with Zombieland-writing duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Deadpool) for the sequel, with Dave Callaham, who also worked for the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984.

Gavin Polone returns as producer and executive producing along with Rebecca Rivo and David Bernad. 

In a general overview, it will be interesting to see how the movie will play out now that the cast has all significantly risen to stardom with each of them seeing themselves in big movies and shows in the past couple of years. Stone even winning an Oscar for Best Actress, which they happily point out.

After all, the original Zombieland cast was less in-demand and, as the sequel’s trailer playfully notes at the beginning, less prestigious names.

There are also the rumors about Bill Murray making a cameo just like he did in the first one alongside fellow Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd to look forward to.

Sony Pictures will release Zombieland: Double Tap on Oct. 18, almost exactly 10 years after the first movie with just 2 weeks over the original.

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