Xbox One Bids Goodbye To Cortana

Xbox One users who never liked having Windows’ resident voiced assistant within their systems, rejoice!

Cortana is waving its final farewell on its implementation with an eventual update on its dashboard design. Microsoft has stated in an official blog post that they are currently experimenting with a more streamlined user interface for the gaming console’s home section. All in an attempt to lessen the hoops needed by players to overcome when using various Xbox related services.

The primary redesign factor of Microsoft’s Xbox One update technically provides much quicker and more convenient access to Xbox Game Pass games, Xbox Community, Microsoft Store, as well as Mixer (a type of streaming platform). So instead of selecting a submenu, these options are now separately available immediately at the home screen for direct player access.

The update to simplify home screen access apparently also includes the removal of Cortana — as a direct feature at least. According to Microsoft, this was in part also in its plan to move the voice assistant in the cloud instead of directly onto a software. So, if you really want to access Cortana after this Xbox One update, then you still can via Xbox Skill.

Microsoft has quite a long and notable history of making various updates to the Xbox One dashboard for many years. So technically by now, players are most likely simply miffed at this “usual phenomenon” more than anything else. But this is a first for Cortana, whom the tech giant has been marketing for the Xbox brand since Xbox One’s inception in 2014.

Xbox Insiders will, as usual, provide feedback on an Alpha implementation of the update so don’t worry if you’re going to miss Cortana.

As for Cortana herself, Microsoft seems to be taking the signature voice assistant on a more optional route than before. Currently, Cortana is no longer available by default on Windows 10 but is instead just downloadable as a separate app, quite like the development that is now currently announced for the Xbox One.

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