‘Super Robot Wars V’ and ‘X’ Coming to Nintendo Switch And Steam

In a post at the Super Robot Wars official Twitter page, an announcement was made that revealed upcoming Super Robot Wars V and X ports for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

The actual announcement was quite brief, only mentioning the bare essentials of the game titles and the ports which will they be available. A short detail of the game being featured by Famitsu magazine’s July 2019 publication was also mentioned.

Super Robot Wars V was a game originally developed and released for the PS4 and PS Vita last 2017. Created with considerably enhanced visuals and graphics, Bandai Namco conceived it as a title that would celebrate the classic tactical RPG series’ 25th anniversary. As such it was the very first main series title to have been created since its unofficial hiatus in 2009.

In addition, due to the numerous mecha titles and franchises released during this eight-year gap, it introduces a significantly vast number of new mecha units, as well as their respective characters. Most importantly, it was the first within the series to get official English localization.

Super Robot Wars X trails onto the revival that Super Robot Wars V has started, being developed and released in the following year for the same consoles in 2018. Again, it updates much of the mecha lineup available, while still featuring all the other characters and mecha from series of decades past.

Super Robot Wars has been a classic franchise for many otakus around the world as it celebrates the mecha genre using solid tactical RPG gameplay. It also caters very well to the numerous fans of each series included in each title. Though, it may not be so much of a stretch to believe that all fans of this game are knowledgable at every single mecha series that it introduces.

No announcements of specific release dates for these newer ports just yet. You may want to check out the recently released Super Robot Wars T in the meantime though, which is already currently available for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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