‘Project Sakura Wars’ New Details Revealed, Plus Official Release Date

Sega Games finally reveals major announcement updates on the previously unveiled newest and possible revival of the franchise, Project Sakura Wars (Shin Sakura Taisen in Japan), on its scheduled live stream event for the game that was held today.

The live stream mainly demoed some of the starting scenes and dialogues from the game, as well as introducing the main cast, among other things. The main highlights were:

  • Footage of Azami and Anastasia’s in-game introductions
  • A demo of Project Sakura Wars‘ Battle Mode
  • Character song demos
  • The unveiling of another division branch, the Chinese Wu Shen Long
  • The official release date of the game.

According to the new gameplay footage, Project Sakura Wars steps up the pace on the tactical combat parts even more immensely than the old classic titles with a full-on action-style fighting system.

As for the story, the teased sections throughout the live stream event indirectly referenced a contest, or an official competitive event, for all division branches around the world. This is where the scenes showing the Chinese division branch; Wu Shen Long was introduced. Of course, the later scenes showing Sakura Amamiya in a koubu seem to depict something a lot more serious, so it most likely won’t just revolve on this primary setting.

Perhaps more importantly, it would never be part of the Sakura Wars continuity if no previous cast members were present. There was at least one shown, who was briefly introduced in the starting sections of the teaser scenes.

Additionally, the official uniform for the new Flower Division was also unveiled, courtesy of Seijuro and Sakura. The koubu themselves were already revealed during the first teaser, so updated information on them mostly boils down to the Chinese team’s koubu, as well as actual gameplay footage of them.

Right after the live stream, a new updated trailer was also uploaded onto Sega’s official YouTube channel. It contains mostly voiced sections of the ones shown during the very first teaser trailer, as well as some of the new footage shown in the live stream.

This will be the very first time a new Sakura Wars game will be developed after fourteen long years since the release of Sakura Wars V. As for whether this will be a new revival of the franchise or just a celebration of its legacy, we will definitely know as it gets released.

As announced, Project Sakura Wars will be released for the PS4 this coming December 12th.

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