‘Alan Wake’ And ‘For Honor’ Currently Available For Free

Epic Game Store’s latest roundup of free games this time puts titles Alan Wake and For Honor at the forefront. Yes, both titles will soon be available for a limited-time free download, as with other previously released games within the same promo.

The free-games lineup is promo currently being held by Epic Games to make its older titles available to everyone at its own store, to which it will be promoted. Originally, it was just around one title per week, but eventually, the company decided that releasing two free games should be better PR for the store a better experience for its wide-age variation gamer base.

As such this current week, we have two different Epic Games titles that are available for free at its store — This War is Mine and Moonlighter. One game is a Mature-rated title with very dark tone focused on post-apocalyptic survival mechanics, the other an Everyone-rated adventure title with colorful and dazzling retro-bit like visuals.

The next lineup, Alan Wake and For Honor, is not that much different. The level is slightly tweaked equally at least, with Alan Wake having a Teen-rating, while For Honor has a straight Mature-rating. Despite the lower rating, we’d have to say Alan Wake at least gets additional points for being a title with the “body of an action game, and the mind of a psychological thriller.”

From the current lineup trend, it would seem that Epic Games has no plans to stop this promo soon. So expect even more twin titles to be available for free for a short time period within the next following weeks.

This War of Mine and Moonlighter will remain free at the Epic Game Store up until August 2nd. At that time, the switch will occur, and it would then be the turn of Alan Wake and For Honor to be available for free, up until August 9th.

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