‘Overwatch’ Newest Hero Sigma Shows Off His Attractive Skills

The internet has been abuzz with the official reveal of Overwatch‘s hero 31, Sigma. His backstory was the very first to be introduced. But as of today, his skills and abilities, as well as, his gameplay potential have finally been revealed.

Sigma was first introduced as a brilliant scientist and researcher, who was conducting gravity-related experiments on a space station, who then suffered from a catastrophic accident related to his experiment, Upon regaining consciousness, he realizes that he is strapped to a bed, badly damaged psychologically. Eventually, the group Talon frees him, in order to recruit him for the abilities he developed during the accident.

His main class profile and the role is that of a tank. Some of his skills are reminiscent of other characters of the same designation like Reinhardt but tweaked with different mechanics, such as his experimental barrier.

However, that being his primary skill is gravity manipulation, most of his other skills involve the control of matter using this very natural phenomenon. Kinetic Grasp, for example, negates incoming attacks and converts them to a maximum of 400 shields depending on how strong the attacks were. His ultimate Gravitic Flux shoots enemies up in midair to slam them back down on the ground.

The unique mechanics of his skills and abilities make his function within a 6-player team still not that determined at the moment. He does functions well as a tank for his basic design, but he has quite a bit more potential to break his opponents’ move cycles compared to other heroes with disruptive moves. Like how his Kinetic Grasp can actually “eat” ultimates of other characters, and how his own ultimate Gravitic Flux, aside from dealing massive damage, can be used to forcibly displace targets against their will.

Probably most intriguing, at least for our online denizens, is how Sigma has a fully-functional bodysuit… while being completely barefoot. Yes, we would like to know how it feels to just float around and never have to worry about setting foot on any ground.

In any case, there’s a lot to take in and explore with Overwatch‘s newest hero. Seeing Sigma interact with the other characters, both lore-wise and gameplay-wise, would be interesting to follow on from this update forward.

Oh, and don’t forget that you can play Sigma right now at Overwatch‘s Public Test servers. So go and harness the harness!

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