Tencent’s TIMi Studio Group Reveals Joint Pokémon Project

Tencent’s TIMi Studio Group revealed today in a press release that it has signed a joint project to develop a new Pokémon game in China.

Unfortunately, while the announcement itself was official, there are no details about the game’s development. The only thing for certain for now is that the game will primarily cater to Chinese players and that it will be most likely released exclusively in China at launch.

Tencent Games has a massive following in China with its developed games from various groups, teams, and collaborations. The Chinese gaming conglomerate is best known for mobile games of various genres, as well as MOBA games such as Arena of Valor, FPS titles like Call of Duty Mobile, and even other licensed IP games such as Ragnarok Online and League of Legends (which the company currently owns).

Regarding the game development portfolio, fans of the franchise probably have nothing to worry about Tencent or TIMi Studio Group. What is undoubtedly worrisome, however, is that the game might not exactly be a Nintendo Switch title as anticipated, if we also refer to the same portfolio.

Also, the fact that the game will be developed specifically for a Chinese player base reduces the chance of an international release. Not a problem of course with “certain apps and tweaks,” but an official worldwide release would still be way more convenient.

On a related note, this development most certainly was tied to another recent news earlier this year, which was about Tencent and Nintendo’s deal to distribute the Nintendo Switch to China. Pokémon, after all, is Nintendo’s biggest “mobile” franchise, even before mobile as we know it was a thing.

Therefore, bringing an official Pokémon game to China along with the Nintendo Switch would be a considerable move to establish the console’s place within the county’s massive gaming market.

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