‘Oninaki’ Demo Now Out, Test The Might Of Your Daemons

Oninaki, the previously revealed East-meets-West folklore action RPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory to be published by Square Enix, is now available for demo play. Along with the release of its trial version, a new video was also uploaded at its official YouTube channel today that demonstrates customizing and enhancement mechanics.

The trial version is slated to cover the first part of the game as usual. However, upon clearing it, players will be able to unlock Battle Mode. This mode allows the player to directly use four Daemons for testing, which then allows four different playstyles to be experimented on before you finally acquire them in the main game.

Keep in mind that the save file that you used on the demo can be ported directly to the main game once it gets released. It will immediately start from where you left off, but if you have finished the demo, then it will continue directly from where the story ended.

Also, the Nintendo Switch version, as of today, is available for pre-order, which includes a 10% product discount, as well as an Ouka Yuzuki (a weapon equipable by Aisha).

Oninaki (Oni no Naku Kuni in Japan) is a game that introduces a world of reincarnation. That is, reincarnation is a direct and natural phenomenon that happens physically and somewhat at an accelerated rate. You play mainly as Kagachi, who is sort of like a battle monk, where he engages lost souls to be guided to the next life.

Daemons provide another source of gameplay mechanics for the game apart from using Kagachi himself. Each Daemon has different abilities that are mostly in the form of active moves or skills.

There are also weapons and other gear that Kagachi and the other playable Daemons can use, which can be refined and enhanced to provide added stats, effects, or abilities.

Oninaki will be officially available next month for the PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on August 22nd.

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