iNSYNQ CEO Asked Clients For Patience Following Ransomware Attack

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A cloud-based provider of virtual desktop environments is trying to rebuild its network, as the company has experienced a major outage earlier this month following a ransomware attack. iNSYNQ, a cloud virtual desktop service provider, said that they made “quite a bit of progress” to restore the desktops that have been down for almost ten days already.

“We made quite a bit of progress yesterday, by restoring iNSYNQ access to a significant number of customers. We continued to work overnight and will work over the coming days to get the rest of customers online safely and securely,” said the company’s CEO, Elliot Luchansky.

On July 16, the company was infected by a ransomware that has caused its server to go down. Worse, those who are impacted aren’t just iNSYNQ’s direct customers, but also companies who use its infrastructure to host Intuit Quickbooks web-based apps and accounting services.

After the infection that took place last week, iNSYNQ was forced to take down the entire platform to prevent the further spread of the ransomware attack. However, until now, they still weren’t able to bring their services back to life.

The company has since been blasted in social media for untimely updates on what happened and for their unusually long response and recovery time. However, the chief executive of the company has said that “the team is continuing to work around the clock to get your files and backups up and running.”

“I am acutely aware of and understand your frustrations and concerns through this process. There are many ways to go about securing and restoring files- by now I’m sure you’ve read the many news pieces out there that describe the challenges of giving too much detail on the different ways to handle these sorts of attacks and the challenges of information sharing during them,” he added.

According to Luchansky, they will start accelerating the process of having their services back and running again. They also said that notifications would be duly sent once the fixing is completed.

“We recognize that this process is slower than many of you would like, but ensuring the security of your data has to remain the top priority through this process,” the CEO said.

“As soon as we have safely restored access to your system, we will notify you promptly. It’s important that you do not try to access the system until you’ve received this notification as the influx of users could cause issues.”

As part of their recovery, iNSYNQ reminds their users to be vigilant and offered the following suggestions:

  • Files and data may take time to populate to your account. For those files that do not immediately populate, please check your backups for previous versions of those files, or contact us for help.
  • While we caught the attack early, the malware was able to encrypt some files – in other words, disabling your ability to open them. With that said, almost no QuickBooks or Sage files have been corrupted. The vast majority of those impacted are small Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files. We are currently working to determine if those are recoverable. You might see encrypted files on your desktop with “.megacortex” as an extension- they aren’t available to access. If you need access to those files immediately, please check your local backups or contact support.
  • For the next 30 days, you should back up all of your data directly to your local hard drive.
  • Last, but not least, we’re here to help you through this. At any time you can call our support line at 1-253-857-9410 to help.

Nonetheless, the internal investigation conducted by the company concluded that no data was compromised by the ransomware. They also added that it really takes time to fix the problem because they are dealing with a relatively new strain of malware that was only first spotted in May this year.

“We are projecting that it will take several days using this process to get all impacted users back up and running. We’ll do our best to reach out to you individually as your system is turned on,” they assured their users adding that they will be “turning customer desktops on as quickly as we can throughout the week. We also acknowledge there are next steps we need to take on our end as part of this, and we will continue ongoing communication with updates.

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